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paradigm based on unity, transparency and truth.

upcoming webinars

Tricia McCannon Divine Sophia
4 Mar

Tricia McCannon: Mary Magdalene & The Divine Sophia

12:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Mission Planet Earth Webinar
15 Apr

Mission Planet Earth Online Workshop

12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
19 Apr

Full Disclosure Online Summit (5 Day)

10:00AM - 6:00PM

Ascension Academy

Navigating the Omniverse to Disclosure

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Brien Foerster: Elongated Skulls from Around the World

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Crop Circles: Encoding the Universe

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We explore a wide variety of consciousness related subjects, including but not limited to…

Self-empowerment, Sacred Sound & Vibration, UFO Disclosure, ET Awareness, True World History, Ancient Civilizations and Technology, Quantum Mechanics, Metaphysics, Conscious Living and Spirituality.



Working with Energy Systems: Sexual and Otherwise

There has been a great deal of philosophies that surround the nature of how we utilize the energies that exist around us. Our minds are the catalyst in manifesting energy based on ...


History of Atlantis to Modern Day

Approximately 75,000 years ago there existed a Super Earth that was located where the asteroid belt in our solar system is currently located, next to The Red Planet… Mars. The name of this ...


Conscious Business :: Our Business Model

In order to honor the principles of conscious business we have decided to share our business model with you. One of the many reasons we exist at this moment in humanity’s ...

We address the biggest Universal questions, including…

What is humanity & where did we come from?

What can we learn from our ancient history and civilizations?

What is our TRUE history and why it is significant?

How can we empower ourselves, shift our wounded egos and step into our authentic selves?

We are all an integral part of creation, a society of emergent Oneness. Our truth and global awakening movement creates an empowered conscious community where we can reclaim our individual and collective sovereignty. We are creating a future of full disclosure in relations to all aspects of reality… Disclosure of technologies, extraterrestrial existence, UFOs and who we truly are as a species.
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