Dragonology Spell Breaker Workshop featuring Mel Ve


Mel Ve

Dragonology Spell Breaker Workshop

Sat. December 16, 2017
12:00 PM PST

This is a unique and intensive workshops hosted by Mel Ve, creator of the DRAGONOLOGY body of work, during which participants will learn the the true nature of the artificial construct that enslaves them, and how to break free from, what we commonly call ‘the matrix’, by learning to unlock the ciphers and hidden meanings behind various forms of symbolic expression, including language and ritual.

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You Will Also Discover…

◈ Learn how to spot and decode DRAGON symbolism
◈ Learn the etymological keys to deciphering our language
◈ Learn about the Ophidian vibration and how is works
◈ Learn to break the spell of our enslavement
◈ Learn the true origins of our modern day CULTure

With Unlimited Replay Access


Mel Ve


Mel Ve is an expert on the origins of our modern day CULTure, dealing with the oldest civilisations and their rituals, all the way through to our present day reality, whilst presenting the evidence of the common factor connecting all CULTures who practiced ritual, being the worship of serpent gods / deities or dragons.

She has spent many years researching the creational mythologies of various CULTures, which all reveal the same story of how the dragons gave humanity knowledge, which humanity in tern pays for with our enslavement to the draconian system and construct with various rituals which have evolved into various seemingly innocuous pastimes we all engage in.

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