Reclaim your lost & forgotten power for good, by understanding your value in the Universe & how you can play your part in the evolution of humanity to the next level of existence.

The Fabric of Creation ~ $44All Day Conference


  • Fabric of Creation & Cosmic Consciousness
  • Quantum Theory and Fractal Geometry
  • Shift Perspective from the Mundane to Cosmic Consciousness
  • New Physics-Based Technologies Revealed that will Change the Course of Human History
  • How did the Universe manifest?
  • What is our mathematical connection to the cosmos?
  • What is Sacred Geometry and Why is it important?
  • Be Empowered through Understanding Your Place in the Universe & Why You’re an Integral Part Of Creation

Hosted by
Janet & Sasha Lessin

Jim Self

Dan Winter

Jamie Janover

Alfred Webre

Marina Jacobi

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The Unified Field Theory, Exopolitics and Extraterrestrial Technologies will all be discussed and disclosed at this online summit of some of the most amazing and revolutionary minds in the field of consciousness.

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