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Self Love & Spiritual Power with Chireya Fox

Portal To Ascension Presents

A Free Online Workshop & Exclusive Online Book Launch Party with Author & Spiritual Muse, Chireya K. Fox

Self Love & Spiritual Power

Creating Miracles In Changing Times

Wednesday, March 22

3 pm PST • 4 pm MST • 5 pm CST • 6 pm EST

Discover the Mystical Connection Between True Self Love and Spiritual Power!

Ready to Shift to the Next Level?

Here's what you will learn in the Webinar...

How the way your ancestors thought might be keeping you from full self love, Source connection, and enlightenment

The #1 Esoteric Secret that will set you free to love and forgive yourself and others

Little known tools to maintain and strengthen your Source Connection and Self Love

The mystery behind your absolute connectedness with the Divine

Why self love doesn't always come easy, and how to change that

How to course correct any negative thought forms from your past and your ancestors so you can move to the next level with grace

How to harness the power of your spiritual energy to heal your life and assist your family, friends and world


Celebrating the launch of chireya’s new book


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"Fall in Love with the Beloved Within is a healing
transmission of pure unconditional love!"

~ Rhonda Lee, MAEd
Creator of Smokeless Smudge


Guided Meditation 1

Clear Money Wounds through the Chakras


Guided Meditation 2

Dissolve Blockages to Self Love & Self Care


Guided Meditation 3

Attune & Align with the Source Within You

Drawings for These Cosmic Prizes

One-Hour Personalized Source
Transmission with Chireya Fox

Burst the Trouble Bubble in your life and get your most pressing questions answered from Source Perspective in a spiritual reading and transmission with Chireya. Enhance your decision making power, gain the clarity you need, and move forward with confidence.

One-Hour Private Energy Clearing Training with Chireya Fox

Chireya wants to ensure YOU know how to utilize the tools of spiritual healing and energy clearing for yourself. This is part of gaining a Direct Source Connection, so you know what to do to care for yourself, your loved ones, and your world, from the energetic standpoint.


“You cannot see the haters when you’ve got your love glasses on”

~Chireya Fox

About Chireya Fox

Author of numerous spiritual books, Chireya is a transformational catalyst for spiritual growth. She serves as a coach, speaker, clairvoyant guide, and spiritual healer, and shares profound Wisdom Teachings which are transmissions from Source - God - Consciousness. These powerful teachings of the Codes of Union remind us of the divinity within us to help us become self realized masters of life. Spiritual development and reality creation are her main points of focus in helping us wake up to our true divine nature.

As we reconnect to the original Divine Source Spark within us, we begin to awaken to vast abilities and natural latent talents that are part of our divine birthright and heritage. I Chireya is in service to rekindling this Divine Spark as we embark further on our journey back to realization of our Oneness, thereby fulfilling the full cycle of learning in these physical planes.

Having experienced profound awakenings at an early age and In love with the Law of Attraction and Divine Principle, Chireya brings profound clarity to our comprehension of the Creative Process. She brings in a higher perspective that takes us all the way back, before the beginning of time. This grand perspective helps us resolve our greatest esoteric perplexities as we usher in a new era of co-creative potential on earth.

Chireya is also the Founder of the Pure Living Expo, New Earth Vision Portal, and Anchor The Dream, and a co-producer of One Love Experience. She leads workshops and gives talks around the world, online and in person. Discover more, contact her and book private sessions at