What if history has been written and rewritten by the victors and those who have maintained control for generations. The truth of our ancient past is more cosmic and mysterious than most may realize.

Uncover Your True History Now!Free All Day Conference


  • An exploration of the Earth's ancient origins and the mass cover up
  • Ancient Atlantis and Lemuria
  • Who and what were the advanced civilizations that walked this planet?
  • Ancient technology that surpasses what we have today
  • Quantum physics and the metaphysical connection
  • Esoteric Wisdom of the Ancients
  • The procession of the equinox
  • The true date of ancient Egypt and the forgetton mystery schools
  • Matriarchal ancient civilizations and their role in the story of humanity
  • Extraterrestrial intelligence: past, present and future

Your Host + Emcee
Neil Gaur

Brien Foerester

William Henry

Gordon Asher Davidson

Jamie Janover

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As we shift into a higher octave of existence and our planet moves into a new dimension we are fully immersed in the ascension process. The moment is NOW to realize our full potential and become the sovereign beings that we always were. As all the systems and old paradigm mechanisms are crumbling around us and an opportunity is being presented to create a new system based on transparency, compassion and love

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