Heather Fleming at Conscious Nutrition with Portal to Ascension

Heather Fleming

What is the Intuitivarian plan toward conscious nutrition? How we can integrate our left and right brains to make conscious food choices and heal our mind and body.

Bio: Heather is a recovering Type A clinical nutritionist who use to try to be perfect and teach perfection. Only to discover that our own bodies are brilliant and contain the innate wisdom. We just have to learn how to listen and get out of the way. Heather's purpose is to enhance people's relationship with food and to spread nourishment, joy and freedom in the process.


Laura Fox at Conscious Nutrition with Portal to Ascension

Laura Fox

Founder of the Best of Raw Awards and The Raw Living Expo, Laura Fox is also the creator of the 13­Facets model, a Master Teacher at Panacea Life School, author, mentor, seer and vision coach.

Also known as Chiraya, Laura has a personal vision and mission fueled by passion leading to action which focuses on helping humanity in its spiritual maturation process through techniques and tools of “subtle activism" while simultaneously upgrading our diet through the addition of more raw, organic, and hopefully local, plant foods.

Healing herself through a plant based raw foods diet in 2005, Chiraya has also taught raw gourmet food preparation and is the author of several recipe books. Laura Chiraya works with groups and individuals offering Vision Coaching and The Recalibration Process to clear the overlays of consciousness – the waxy build­up from eons of human experience – so that the true essential nature of a person, a group or a community can emerge to shine fully and share its true gifts, fulfilling its dharma destiny mission with great joy. Find out more about Laura Chiraya Fox’s work at



Jeanine Strong at Conscious Nutrition with Portal to Ascension
Jeanine Strong

Jeanine Strong, creator of the groundbreaking fitness program Change It Up, is an established artist in Los Angeles, California, known for her unique voice both musically and spiritually. Her Change It Up Program launched in January 2013, has changed the way we think about fitness by introducing Spirituality and changing up your nutrition and workouts as the keys to permanent results. Women across the globe are beyond pleased with its simple healthy approach, one that is realistic, conscious and produces lasting results. To learn more about Jeanine and her work visit her website at www.ChangeItUpProgram.com - on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/jeaninestrong

TOPIC: Perfect Health- total mind, body and spirit connection with a focus on conscious nutrition. I will discuss the benefits of focusing on perfect health. When you bring mind, body and spirit into alignment your true form is able to emerge revealing not only your best body ever, but your healthiest truest higher self.