Ayanna Mojica at Sacred Sexuality Event

Ayanna Mojica

Sexual energy is the most powerful force on Earth. We are being called to heal and purify this most intimate aspect of ourselves, to receive and integrate the new light codes and the new template for sexual alchemy and sacred union.

Ayanna Mojica, MFA, “Avatar of Love”, is an author, Mystic, Priestess of The Magdalen, and a practioner of the ancient Egyptian-Isis mystery traditions. An experienced entrepreneur who has created her own business as a teacher of mysteries, celestial wisdom and sacred sexual alchemy she mentors and inspires women and men to embrace spiritual mastery and conscious intimacy and sexuality.



Frank Mondeose at Sacred Sexuality event

Frank Mondeose

“A Modern Man’s Journey From Lust to Love”

A modern day renaissance man and “benevolent warrior” in transition, Frank shares his personal journey and transformation from lust and the objectification of women to the path of higher love, sex and spirit. He will share why he embraced Tantra as a path to love, his deep respect for women, and how he brings sexual healing, empowerment and transformation to others. This talk is a must for our modern day men and the women who love them.

Frank is currently dedicating much of his free time studying the Sociology of Sexuality, Tantra and Sexual Healing, training under such industry masters as Crystal Dawn Morris, Baba Dez Nichols Deborah Anapol (PhD). His vision is to develop a sexual empowerment program to bridge the gap between sexuality and spirituality, expand consciousness and promote a healthier perspective of sexuality in today’s culture as a whole.

Frank is also the Vice-President of the Sexual Health Network of Quebec, where his responsibilities are to develop fund raising programs, leverage business relationships and streamline the organization’s activities. Frank is passionate about supporting the SHNQ, and helping make comprehensive information about healthy sexuality more easily available to the youth.


Luba Saraswati Sophia Evans-Zion
Luba Sarasvati Evans-Zion, visionary, tantra teacher, and internationally known lecturer, will share her wisdom and knowledge of Sacred Sexuality and how this powerful Life Force Energy can be harnessed to create Visionary Leadership. Luba will also discuss the ways in which men and women can cultivate heightened levels of ecstatic bliss, develop unconditional love and facilitate the world-wide awakening through the practice of sacred sexuality.