Meet Your Presenters

Phoenix Lights Investigator
Blue Star Prophecy
Ex British Gov. UFO Investigator
Nature of Consciousness
Spiritual Extraterrestrials & Ascension
Ascension / Extraterrestrials / Ancient Civilizations
Sound Healing & Conscious Presenter
UFO/ET Disclosure
Adam Apollo
Guardian Alliance: Media
Hypnotherapist & Healer
Earth Messengers
Ancient History & UBUNTU
Hypnotherapist & Author
Investigative Mythologist
Unified Field Theory
Conscious Speaker & Business Coach
Sacred Sexuality
Sacred Sexuality
Crop Circle Researcher & Hypnotherapist
The Reality Whisperer
Physicist, Ecologist & Spiritual Explorer
Fractal Field Researcher
ET/UFO Experiencer & Presenter
International Speaker & Author
Sacred Sexuality
Mastering Alchemy
ET Presenter & Author
Michael Bradford
Energy healer, business coach, and author
Sal Rachele
Teacher, healer, mystic and priest
Harpist & Consciousness Presenter
Author & ET/UFO Experiencer
Ascension 101
Roswell Researcher
Starseed International
Consciousness Author & Speaker
Sacred Sexuality
Project Camelot
Laura Eisenhower
Channelor & Author
Quantum Healer, Speaker, Author
UFO Researcher & Author
New Realities Host
Ancient Civilizations
UFO Investigator
ECETI Ranch Founder
Ancient Aliens & Technology
Social Scientists & Futurists
Author & Speaker
Founder of Institute of Sacred Activism
Founder of Galactic Connection & Host
Renowned UFO Researcher & Speaker
Mary Rodwell
Founder and Principal of ACERN
Rob Gauthier
Channeler of TReb Bor yit-NE
Corey Goode
Intuitive empath
Andrew Bartzis
Transcendent teacher, Shaman and Reiki master
Cynthia Crawford
ET sculptor
Janet Kira Lessin
ET experiencer and Annunaki specialist
Sasha Lessin
Author and student of Zecharia Sitchin
Teacher, author, and founder of Divine Revelation®
Alternative Agriculture and Metaphysics
Canadian politician, writer, engineer
Stem Cell Biologist & Author
Longevity and Consciousness Expert
Marina Jacobi
The Harmonic Reactor
Ascension and Alien Abductions
Millennial Truth Warrior
Plant medicine researcher
Ancient aliens researcher
Expert on the origins of modern CULTure
Peruvian contactee & psychic
Researcher on medical advancements
Doctor of healing & happiness
Author of Pope Annalisa