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The Mission

Portal to Ascension provides a stream of awareness on a range of conscious, empowering and paradigm shifting topics through various forms of media & event productions. Portal to Ascension is a resource as we awaken to the truth of our existence and explore the nature of reality and the cosmos. Our efforts are creating a world with full disclosure of:

We are achieving this reality with our Online Webinar University and Global Live Events; as well as inspiring conversations, community and unity with our productions.

If you feel compelled, you can join us on Patreon to support our efforts in the paradigm shift now occurring; and learn about our future projects such as the Ascension Festival and communities we will soon be building.

Learn About Our History… In the beginning…

I (Neil Gaur) began waking up to many truths we discuss on our platform in 2001. After 6 years of research and experience I created a group on Facebook called “2012 Consciousness, Mind, Evolution and Presence”. If you want to learn more about me to see what led up to this you can check it out here…. Otherwise, the story continues… From 2006 – 2008 the name of the group changed a few times and 1000’s of people began joining. I subsequently created group chapters for a select few global locations. In 2008 the name of the group changed to Portal to Ascension. This was the same year I shifted from heavy conspiracy awareness to predominantly a spiritual perspective.

Some of the first Portal to Ascension events were meditation workshops and sound healing events at Ginger’s Garden, a Holistic Center in Costa Mesa, that gave us the opportunity to experiment with our event productions. This venue became a central hub for Portal to Ascension; creating numerous productions for over 2 years such as: holistic fairs, spiritual workshops, open house events and one day conferences.

Didgeridoo Activation Event

Holistic Fair

Sound Healing Workshop

Tibetan Bowls in San Diego

Tibetan Bowls in San Diego

Our Summer Holistic Fair

Producing Music for an Expo

PTA On The Road…

In Summer of 2010, Portal to Ascension hit the road embarking on the Tour of Love with our friend, holistic practitioner, Dr. DREAM and another colleague. We facilitated a multiple modality group vibrational experience with rife technology in a workshop. Only having two events booked when we left, we took a huge leap of faith. By the time the tour was over 6 weeks later, we had facilitated over 30 gatherings in big cities and small towns encompassing the entire west coast of the US and in to Vancouver, Canada. Each event provided us with the resources to get to the next town. We met 100’s of people and had the opportunity to truly live our passion for creating tangible experiences that uplift and empower.

On The Road Again…

After the first tour, we toured 3 more times on the same route up the west coast starting in Southern California. We facilitated sound healings, mini conferences and channeling workshops.

The Evolution

In 2012, after 4 years of networking and facilitating numerous gatherings, Portal to Ascension reached out to some amazing conscious presenters, world wide, to create 2 big conferences over a period of 6 months. The venue was the Temple of Light in Irvine, California. The first event was Cosmic Reunion 2012 and the second was Cosmic Reunion: Fourth Density. This was a milestone in the evolution of Portal to Ascension, taking them to the next level. The founders knew that there was potential to create a huge global impact with this awareness and momentum.

The Now

Portal to Ascension has become a conscious multimedia platform that provides a vast range of awareness on many topics with presenters, researchers, archaeologists, quantum physicists, spiritualist and more. We currently produce over 100 events per year online and live globally…. Webinars, Conferences, Retreats and Tours. These online gatherings are uncovering the truth of our existence, the nature of reality, our ancient history and disclosing hidden truths. Join us as we empower all of humanity to claim our sovereignty and create a world of unity, transparency, peace and elevated consciousness.

Our Future Vision & Mission

We are pioneering information on an unprecedented level through our online interface, in which we are connecting 1000’s worldwide, including in remote countries that aren’t able to easily access this information. We intend to remain pioneers in the UFO Disclosure movement, consciousness awakening and to shift the frequency to one in which we are able to live harmoniously with ourselves, the planet and the cosmos.

Portal to Ascension Team

For questions, comments and suggestions you can reach out to tour support staff that keeps everything running on the back and front end.

Sol Gaur, Neil Gaur & Meredith Walako