These 4 Brilliant Minds Want To Educate You about the Possibility of Aliens

In a world plagued by misinformation, hearsay and rumours we need stalwarts who are not afraid to ask the questions that need to be asked. At Portal to Ascension we have been dedicated to uncovering the truth about alien sightings on earth, unearthing ancient secrets and helping kindred spirits get on the path to an awakened and aware consciousness.

The Truth is Out There

Our efforts and causes receive regular contributions from notable names in the field such as Lori Spagna and Billy Carson who regularly host webinars that go a long way in educating young and old minds alike.

Dr.Steven Greer

Steven Greer is one of the most pioneering contributors in the realm of extra-terrestrial study. Dr Greer has participated in uncountable lectures and webinars where he sought to educate the audience about evidence, energy and expedition. These three keywords form the pillars of Dr Greer’s mission.

Dr Greer has dedicated his life to uncovering ground-breaking truths about our place in the galaxy. He is on a journey to find out why one of the biggest discoveries in modern science has been kept from the general population by the governments- the fact that we are not alone. The statement is made in the context of the presence of extraterrestrial races in our Universe who visits Earth.

Dr Greer also has a website ‘Sirius Disclosure’ where he goes to great lengths to discuss and publish news about ET/UFO cover-ups and energy suppression.

Lori Spagna

Another amazing presenter that Portal to Ascension has had the good fortune of collaborating with is Lori Spagna. Lori has over two decades worth of experience as an expert, speaker, healer, and visionary among other things. Besides consciousness expansion and trans-dimensional spirit science, Lori also communicates with the animal kingdom.

Lori’s body of work over the decades has benefitted numerous minds seeking enlightenment. For instance, in one of our recent webinars with Lori Spagna, she informed the audience on the topic of ‘How Our Benevolent ET Races Are Helping Us’. The webinar shed light on crucial, pertinent matter such as navigating beyond the 3rd dimension, anchoring into the 5th dimension, understanding the new energies, vibrations and frequencies required for anchoring into the new 5th dimension paradigm.

Lori also shared a lot of information about our true galactic and star family heritage and the galactic timeline for humanity’s awakening.

Billy Carson

Author of the journal ‘The Compendium of the Emerald Tablets’, Billy Carson hosts a streaming series by the name of ‘Deep Space’. He is reputed for also hosting streaming network Gaia’s other show ‘Ancient Civilizations’. Billy is devoted to uncovering the hidden truths about the humanity’s past.

Billy is a founding member of the United Family of Anomaly Hunters that is responsible for establishing two new fields of science Archeo-astronomy and Archeo-anthropology. Billy is poised to join hands with ourselves at Portal to Ascension for a webinar on Ancient Civilizations and the Deep Secret Space Program which touches topics like the possibility of our existence within a light matrix, the definition of a fractal, the programming that controls the third dimension and so on and so forth.

We, at Portal to Ascension, delve in to mysteries related to alien sightings on earth, but we do not limit ourselves to that topic alone…. we are an unconditional source for all forms of conscious awareness designed to empower and uplift all of humanity.

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