4D Portal and the 5th Dimension

There is a lot of information from both the metaphysical community and the main stream quantum physics community in regards to dimensions. The question is what are dimensions and how do they tie in to the ascension process that is happening on the planet. The ascension portal that we are going through is synonymous with a dimensional shift. Channeled beings such as Bashar and Adronis and metaphysical/ancient scriptures have spoken about a time where humanity will shift from the current reality or paradigm into a higher vibratory one. This new paradigm is called the fifth dimension or the fourth density. This is the 4D portal that we are currently going through. From my research and understanding, we currently exist in the third density (not the third dimension). The third density is the 4d portal known as the fourth density. So for example: if you are living in the fourth dimension you are also in the third density; if you are living in the 5th dimension, you are in the fourth density. We are moving into the fifth dimension. This dimension represents 3 dimensions of space and 2 dimension of time. The importance of this information is that we currently exist in 2 dimensions of space and 2 dimension of time (which is why time is linear). With two dimensions of space we have duality and also we have a beginning and an end. Time is linear within this reality. In the next reality we move into 3 dimensions of space so time becomes more fluid and is no longer linear.

To the individual who knows nothing of what I am speaking about, this may sound confusing. Here is a breakdown of the 4d portal that we are going through and what is occurring on our planet… The vibration of the planet is increasing. We are all made up from atoms that vibrate. These quantum particles are measured in hertz. There are tools, practices and energies that influence the vibration of our atomic structure. Low energy and low vibratory emotions such as hate, lust and anger vibrate very slowly, whereas higher vibrations such as compassion and unconditional love vibrate at a faster speed. Due to some galactic and universal alignments, our position in our galaxy, the end of the Piscean zodiac and beginning of the Age of Aquarius and the conscious awareness of self-realization occurring on our planet… our collective vibratory frequency (measured in hertz) is raising.

What does this have to do with dimensions you ask? Dimensions are different frequencies of experience. Our perception of a specific reality within a dimension exists in a specific frequency range. When the vibration of an individual raises above the perceived dimensional frequency… you now start moving into a different dimension. This is exactly what is happening now. The vibration of the planet is increasing; thereby, affecting our planet, electromagnetic field of the Earth and our individual and collective consciousness. It is only a matter of time before we start seeing the positive consequences of this shift. It seems like there is chaos on the Earth right now… but I ensure you that the reason this is occurring is because the old systems that cannot accommodate the higher frequencies are crumbling. One system must complete before the other one begins. The inorganic reality that we have created is a detriment to our health, connectivity, self-worth and happiness.

The external has been held as sacred for too long; so as we begin to focus more on our internal world and do self work in order to release what no longer serves us and shift out of an ego based reality, we will see a ripple of effect of awareness on our planet. The ultimate result once we move through the 4d portal entirely into the 5th dimension is a new paradigm based on integrity, honesty, transparency and unconditional love. So lets do this. Check out our events below on all topics spiritual, consciousness, ancient history, quantum physics and metaphysics related. Be a part of the movement and assist with the awakening of humanity in to an authentic state of being at our utmost potential.

By Neil Gaur Portal to Ascension Founder/CEO

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  1. There have been discussions in the Arch Angel channel representatives here regarding addition of portals for energy transfer from 5d to our 3d realm. What is your information regarding distribution?

  2. This was very well explained I appreciate u Neil

  3. With gratitude and appreciation 🙏

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