Bashar: Spontaneity and Attitude

B: We will begin this interaction with the idea of spontaneity. In this way recognize that the idea of the allowance of synchronicity in your life, the idea of co-incidence - not accidental - co-incidence, the attraction of events in what you would call a series forming a continuum, a link from one event to the next and basing one event upon the last, always goes on in your life.

Every situation in your life is created from synchronicity. But whether you decide that it will be conscious and/or positive synchronicity, or unconscious and/or negative - many times, not always - negative synchronicity, will be up to your willingness to act spontaneously upon your excitement, upon your imagination, upon that which you know to be the representation of the vibration of the ideas you find that you prefer in your life.

Spontaneity is willingness. Willingness to express the freedom, the trust and the faith that you have within you at any given moment all of the ability and all of the power to be able, when acting upon any situation that you desire spontaneously, to know that that spontaneous action has within it all of the skills necessary, all of the attributes necessary, all of the abilities and talents necessary for the fulfillment of whatever you act upon. In EXACTLY the way it needs in that moment to be fulfilled.

You can never come up short. Only when you place the idea of judgment and/or expectation upon your ability, do you find yourself creating the scenario that you can fall short of your goal - fall short of the perfect enactment of whatever opportunity you have spontaneously acted upon. Are you following along?

AUD: Yes.

B: In this way therefore, once again, TRUST is the actual mechanism, not a nebulous philosophy. The actual concrete mechanism that will allow you to know that in acting spontaneously you will always bring to any spontaneous interaction everything you need for that action to come to what you would call fruition, exactly as it needs to. Exactly as you need it to, to reflect to you the idea that you chose to be, in forming that interaction - which may or may not always be immediately consciously obvious to you. But it does not matter whether it is or not, because the way it manifests IS your conscious recognition of the way it needs to manifest.

And if you would but begin to trust that it is so, you will always, always, ALWAYS, give yourself the conscious opportunity to see how the situation you have spontaneously interacted with, IS the situation you need at that moment. Whether it is for, in your terms, the attainment of the situation you desire, or to show you that you contain within you, ideas that you do not prefer. In either case it is still a service to you. And by viewing it as a service, that is what will give it the opportunity to allow it to function.

And the effect of being a service... many of you in your society, because of what you have created to be your lines of thought and your habits of doing things, do not believe that it is that simple. What you are hearing now, to many of you, is simply a way of describing an idea in life which is, as I have said is, "a nice way to look at things," a nice philosophy. I am giving you, if you are willing to be open to it in that way, a statement that is, in of itself, actually an equation. A mechanical equation, a physic's equation. This is the effect of the cause - this is the cause of the effect, sort of equation. It is all one and the same thing.

And the idea simply is that if you are willing to treat any situation as fundamentally neutral, and approach it with whatever attitude of your choice you wish to create - positive and/or negative - you will always find that the basically, fundamentally neutral situation will always produce a result directly, DIRECTLY, proportional to the attitude you had going in to view that situation.

And in this way, always will you create negative synchronicity if you choose to view fundamentally neutral situations from a negative attitude. And always you will create positive synchronicity if you choose to view fundamentally neutral situations from a positive attitude - always.

In this way, you may say, "Oh well, all right, that is simply being optimistic." Recognize, in a sense - yes. And in a sense it is not exactly that, for in your philosophy the idea of optimism is also something that has no effect on the actual situation, but you are simply telling yourself: " Well, whether it is positive or negative I will have an optimistic outlook." Understand, you are making a separation where there is in all reality, so to speak, a direct connection.

The idea of your attitude, the idea of your belief and your viewpoint is what is DIRECTLY responsible for the outcome of any situation - the effect that it has. You are the ones who are creating your reality. Your perceptions are, in your terms, only what you believe reality to be. That is all you can ever see with your senses - what you believe reality to be.

When you allow yourself to believe positive ideas, all you will be able to see is positive manifestation in any situation. You may be still able to recognize that there may be negative situations in your society, but they will not affect you - whether you will see them or not. It will simply be, in your terms, a true observation, and nothing more, the recognition that such realities exist for other individuals - but not for you.

Not because it is anything to fear, for fear is what attracts and attaches you to those negative realities. Simply you know that that reality simply does not represent the vibration you happen to be tuned into. It is not, to be colloquial in your language: the program you happen to be tuned into at the moment. Therefore it cannot - while it may be listed as a potential program to listen to - it will not come through your radio. Do you follow me?

AUD: Yes.

B: To whatever you are attuned - that is all you can receive. That is all you can receive, by definition. It is very simple: when you are willing to allow it be that simple you will recognize that you have all the answers, that in fact, as you are fond of saying - you are all the answers. You are all the situations, all the events, all the opportunities, all the realities. Everything that you experience to be within your universe you can discover yourself to be the universe, and find everything contained within.

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