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In order to honor the principles of conscious business we have decided to share our business model with you. One of the many reasons we exist at this moment in humanity’s evolution is to pioneer Sacred Economics in which we begin to interact with each other, both in our personal and professional lives, with integrity in all ways. This sets the precedence for a world in which we conduct business, trades and transactions consciously without the need for competition. Instead, there is an energy of cooperation where we can utilize the abundance of resources our Earth and Universe has to offer.

This requires us to shift out of the lack mentality into that of abundance, trust and unconditional love. We (Portal to Ascension) create and facilitate live and online events that are designed to assist in the Ascension our planet is currently undergoing. We create events that are both free and at a cost. We redistribute the funds world wide to all the conscious presenters we create events with. Portal to Ascension funds organizations, research, technology and individual presenters world wide that have dedicated their lives to providing conscious awareness.

We love you all and thank you so much for your support. We are about to create some revolutionary gatherings…. bringing together people world wide to create ripples in consciousness. The moment is now for full disclosure on all levels… from our true ancient history, the extraterrestrial presence and the truth of who we are as cosmic beings.

With so much love and gratitude,

Neil Gaur

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