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Erica Lukes

Erica Lukes, at artist and host of her radio show, “UFO CLASSIFIED,”  has passion for the subject of Unidentified Flying Objects and the paranormal that dates back to her early childhood. After a series of personal paranormal experiences and  UFO sightings,  Erica felt compelled to research what was taking place not only in her home state of Utah, but all over the globe.

Erica Lukes is a UFO researcher and podcaster. She is the former state director for the Utah chapter of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and a MUFON field investigator. She is currently conducting private research on UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) and  Parapsychology (the scientific study of  paranormal and psychic phenomena).

She was the team-leader on a research program called “Project Orange.” This project was specifically dedicated to studying sightings and clusters of orange/red orbs (which are also known as fireballs). Erica served as an Associate Producer for the MUFON Communications Team, and was also a part MUFON Experiencer Research Team. Erica was honored at the 2014 and 2015 MUFON Symposium for her extensive work with MUFON Headquarters.


Both Utah’s famous Skinwalker Ranch and it's surrounding areas have held a strong, and lasting, interest for Erica. She has collected decades’ worth of case reports from this area, and particularly so with regard to mass sightings of UFOs, as well as mysterious mutilations of animals, and alien abductions.

Erica is an artist, as well as an accomplished, recognized, professional singer. She has been the lead-vocalist for many of Utah’s top bands. She also performed at the 2002 Winter Olympics. In addition, Erica has taken part in voice-over productions, and she has worked in the fields of radio and television.

Erica can be seen on UFOs: The Lost Evidence and has been a guest on numerous radio-based talk-shows, including The Richard Dolan Show; Ground Zero, with Clyde Lewis; Open Minds; Fringe Radio; The Martin Willis Show; and the Paracast. Erica has also guest-hosted MUFON Radio.


UFOs: The Lost Evidence  | American History Channel, Destination America

Beyond Belief with George Noory

The Unexplained | The History Channel


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Martin Willis

OpenMinds Radio

Somewhere in the Skies



Utah UFO Festival



2016 International UFO Congress


MUFON Minnesota

New Mexico UFO Conference

Edinburgh UFO Fest

Erica Lukes will be one of the MANY presenters at

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October 5th-7th, 2018

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