ET on Earth: Positive or Negative?

Within the disclosure community we often hear about “Extraterrestrials” or “Inter-dimensional Beings” with a polar view of whether they are positive or negative. Are they here to assist humanity on Earth? Or is there an agenda that serves them alone?


In this matrix of duality we know that the two extremes exist in our humanity, and that on Earth, we definitely experience them. However, does that mean that other beings from different realities also experience polarity such as we do? When we say something is “good” or “bad”, do non-terrestrial beings have a similar sense of morality or is there a universal morality that exists that supersedes ours?


The Reptilian races have often been categorized as a negative species that have come down to Earth to exert control and siphon our energy. If you look back into ancient scriptures we can see evidence of a Reptilian race throughout our history. Some of these stories, however, speak of them in a positive light. The positively polarized Reptilians, known as the Serpentine, are not given enough awareness to.


In the third density / fourth dimension we exist in linearity in which there is a beginning and an end. When we increase in dimension time becomes more fluid. In this new reality, duality may have a different meaning and the concepts of good and evil are not the same as they are in ours.


At the Portal to Ascension Conference 2019 we will be going deeper into this concept and also speak on the ET beings that we have received communication from via hypnosis sessions to decipher what their messages are to us. What are these positively polarized beings saying to us and why do they have such a huge interest in Earth and Humanity. Barbara Lamb’s presentation is called ET’s & Their Compassion for Humanity and she will show her research and findings.


Earth is the biggest light show in the galaxy right now… find out why. Hope to see you at PTAC 2019…. Join us live or online.


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