Evidence Of Lost Ancient High Technology by Brien Foerster

One of the least understood ancient megalithic sites on the planet is that of Baalbek in Lebanon, and that is why we will be visiting here in late March 2015 with the Khemit School of Egypt. The above photo shows you that the core masonry on the left and right is superior to that above, and clearly older.

Long before the Romans conquered the site and built their enormous temple of Jupiter, long even before the Phoenicians constructed a temple to the god Baal, there stood at Baalbek the largest stone block construction found in the entire world. We thank our Russian friends at www.lah.ru for their photos, and explorations prior to our arrival in March 2015.

The word Baalbek may mean ‘God of the Bekaa valley’ (the local area) or ‘God of the Town’, depending on different interpretations of the word. Ancient legends assert that Baalbek was the birthplace of Baal, who was an ancient deity much maligned by competing belief systems. Notice not only the size of the blocks, but also the odd tool marks.

If you notice the huge base blocks in the above photo, which were part of a tunnel system at Baalbek, you will notice that they are far more weathered than those above. Thus, it seems clear, once again that the Romans built on top of a much older structure. But who were the megalithic builders?

Nowhere in the Roman writings are there any references to the cutting and moving of the megalithic stones of Baalbek, and thus we can assert that their own temples were built on earlier foundations. Also, evidence of saw cuts in hard granite stone, as seen above, show technology beyond that of the Romans.

The rose granite seen above is very similar to that from the southern Egyptian quarry at Aswan. We will be in Baalbek to closely inspect these cut marks and compare them with those we have found at pre-dynastic Egyptian sites. Is this in fact granite brought from Aswan?

The apparent saw marks in the granite above are suspiciously similar to those that we see in Egypt; proclaimed by many academics to be the work of the dynastic Egyptians, yet the latter did not have such technology; nor did the later Greeks or Romans…is your interested peaked now?


Brien Foerster

Brien will be presenting at the Full Disclosure Online Summit on April 21st, 2017.

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