John DeSouza: Why The EXTRA-DIMENSIONAL Concept is so Vital to Human Freedom

Why The EXTRA-DIMENSIONAL concept is so vital to human freedom

March 17, 2015

By John DeSouza

The Cosmic Game-Changer...

The Extra-Dimensionals—non-terrestrial, intelligent life forms who are visiting our dimension of time and space as transitory beings from outside our plane of physical time and space—e.g.: from outside our existence.

This definitional sentence may seem like just another divergent viewpoint but it is far more.  Once accepted and even embraced as truth, it is a Cosmic Game-changer.

Such acceptance would disentangle us from the old mind-traps of the fossilized materialist-scientific paradigm.  It would deflate numerous energy sapping systems that are used to keep Earth’s nations embroiled in deceptive pursuits that give no substantive return on the constant infusion of global energy, treasure and will.  Once we were to understand that those non-terrestrial beings are constantly visiting humanity are from outside our plane of existence, we might no longer heartily support a system of ongoing space exploration that is looking for something purely physical.

If we are let in to the “inside truth” that the nations are not seeking alien life, we might openly ask the questions that cannot be answered by the nations.  Why does NASA only show us pictures of the Moon and Mars in stark colors with poor contrast so that it’s almost impossible to detect all the intelligently designed structures and the outlines of underground facilities?  Why is it so important to keep us from knowledge of the remnants of ancient civilizations on other planets in our solar system?  If those ancient civilizations are extinguished and there really is no other physical Extra-Terrestrial life, what exactly are they looking for out there?  If the nations are merely seeking out artifacts and ancient devices from these former civilizations, why do they not simply share this bold exploration’s purpose with the rest of us?  The logical conclusion that presents itself is that they have no intention of sharing such discoveries with the general population just as the past such discoveries have not been shared.

Such paradigm shifting questions (and logical answers) would all lead toward the same possibility—massive cracks in the monolith of the materialist/purely physical prison that holds over 95 percent of humanity.  Such splintering in the globe spanning, ancient prison could even cause many to wonder if there might be even more answers to the great conundrums of humanity outside of our plane of physical existence—outside of our current time and space.

Ufology, and therefore the future of humanity, has been essentially stuck in the same holding pattern for over sixty years (just in the modern technological era).  Those still mired in the obsolete scientific-materialist worldview will reflexively reject such a hypothesis and it may be time to leave them behind as we enter the Age of Mass Awakening.  If we can’t prepare those who wish to stay in slumber, at least we can prepare each other.

Many in ufology say that there have been great advances in the field of UFO’s.  In truth, there has been a grand total of…one.  Even putting aside centuries of evidence for a moment and considering only the modern age of ufology, despite far greater technology, little has changed.  Since 1947, when the Roswell incident raised American ufology into the global consciousness, we are still restricted to the same number of forward leaps in the world of Extra-Dimensional investigation—one.  Even the dullest, most lethargic caboose of human society: mainstream culture, has for the most part accepted this single advance.

Here it is: UFO’s are real.

...They are paranormal and they are coming from somewhere other than physical Earth.

Even if we still don’t agree who is behind the phenomena or for what purpose, transiting past this point of initial query will be a monumental achievement for all awakened thinkers.  Mainstream culture, after many decades of tireless labor and agitation by awakened souls; has grudgingly acknowledged that paranormal UFO’s do exist, they are a real and growing phenomenon.  Only in the field of ufology can acceptance of self-evident facts, proven repeatedly, ad-nauseam during many centuries; be considered a major leap forward.  Yet, we have merely ascended one floor from the old level of uncertainty to a new level of uncertainty —who is behind it and why.

The only place we will find the answers we have sought for so long is in the minds of the non-terrestrial beings themselves.  We must set about engaging that endeavor.  We should no longer entertain the time and energy wasters of the old paradigm—do they exist, are they real, what solid proof can we show all the debunkers, critics, scientists and “objective” skeptics?

That is a game that the Awakened can never win.  This game was created to maintain genuine spiritual, paranormal and supernatural topics outside the material prison EPIC set up for its prisoners.  But it serves a double purpose.  It holds the prisoners in but also saps the strength, energy and will of the tiny awakened minority trying to break everyone else out of that prison—trying to shake their cherished ones and awaken them.  It is designed to draw the Awakened into the Grand Valley of False Hope—hope that they can change the old playing field, hope that will occupy them and consume them.  Then, at the most opportune moment of exhaustion, that familiar avalanche of naysayers, cynics and debunkers, come crashing down on them to wear them down—and wear them out.

It’s time for the Awakened to win at this game, by never playing at all.  We are already entering the Age of Mass Awakening.  It’s time to dismiss the mind-traps of the last few centuries.  We have spent over six decades looking for answers in the dusty archives.  We keep examining airbrushed, censored and edited space photos.  Even many of The Awakened keep begging national governments to disclose something—looking for the next level of answers in all the wrong places.  The search for the truth behind UFO’s is an elusive mystery that requires radical thinking and a new way to find these answers.  As the awakened tire of: choking on the dust of declassified government documents, taking affidavits from former government officials who are now ready to tell what really happened and of reviewing alien remnant samples sent back by laboratories only to read “UNDETERMINED SUBSTANCE;” they must finally resolve to move forward into a new paradigm.  Let us give thanks to all those in the old paradigm who tolerated our presence for so long.  Thanks for expending our energy and hope.  Thanks for letting us roll the dice at your rigged table.  "Thanks for nothing."

But here is the good news...once you finally figure out WHY you're being lied to so constantly, then you are only half a step away from finding out the Truth.  That's also half a step from freedom.

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