The Matrix Control System ~ Do Aliens Control It?

By Daniela McVicker

Opening your mind to new ideas and adopting different points of view is necessary if you wish to understand the notions we’re about to discuss. The hyperdimensional Matrix Control System (HMCS) is a complex, yet astonishing subject which requires reaching deep into your soul and confronting your so far adopted opinions.

In order for you to understand what the HMCS is, who controls it, and why, we need to break it down and start from the beginning.

What is the Matrix Control System?

The Matrix Control System is a voracious system in which we, humans, are targeted by manipulatory forces and paraphysical entities looking for ways to enslave us on a spiritual level and feed off our energy.

The main victims of the Matrix and the hostile beings behind it are the people who are imprisoned in their own minds, allowing their weaknesses to take over and not being able to transcend.

Here’s how it all works:

  • many people live in a „hypnotic dream“, not managing to fully understand the world around them and their place in it
  • they allow things such as fear, anxiety, perverted sexual thoughts, materialism, negative emotions, emotional numbness, or ignorance take over their souls and minds
  • this brings them into a state of vulnerability
  • the forces of the HMCS sense the negative energy these humans emit
  • they target the weak and ignorant humans and use their negative energy as food

In other words, those hostile beings are able to not only use the negative energy we already emit but to induce it as well.

How Do We Become the Victims of the HMCS?

The manipulatory forces of the HMCS are able to reach us and harvest our energy to make themselves stronger. They are able to influence our consciousness and to encourage:

  • temptations
  • addictions
  • illnesses
  • perverted thoughts
  • anger
  • suffering

Once they manage to provoke these negative energies, they harvest them and use the energetic outpour to make themselves stronger.

The negative emotions are often set off by:

  • radical ideologies such as nationalism, racism, sexism, religious preconceptions etc.
  • people surrounding the targeted person, who are easily manipulated and turned into puppets

How to Transcend it?

Not every human being is the direct victim of the Matrix. We are all potential targets but some of us are mentally and spiritually stronger than the rest and manage to avoid becoming the food of predators.

In order for you to transcend the Matrix and save yourself from becoming their food, you need to:

  • acquire a deep understanding of what the Matrix is
  • free yourself from fear and anxiety
  • work on becoming spiritually pure and mentally strong
  • develop your soul

Become an aware, awakened, open-minded, and self-confident being and you’ll leave no room for parasitic entities to enter your energy realm. Remove yourself from ignorance and the hypnotic state they want you to be in and continue working on becoming a stronger individual every day.


Author’s bio.

Daniela McVicker is an editor for Topwritersreview. She studied in the United Kingdom, so Daniela came back to USA full of ideas on how to use European experience in American society.

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