Where does the money go... PTA's Business Model

Over the past few years we have been putting our articles, interviews and events on occasion about conscious business and what it represents for the emerging paradigm. A conscious business employs full transparency in the all aspects of operations and also its primary intention is the betterment of humanity. This can come in various forms such as the information we offer on Portal to Ascension which ranges from events on conscious nutrition to ancient civilizations and forgotten history, exploring the nature of consciousness, the universe and our place within it and our spiritual connection to all that is.

We at Portal to Ascension will be releasing an article every few months that updates the public on business operations and our actions towards creating a new paradigm for the business world in which we operate with full integrity.

On many occasions we have been contacted and asked where the money goes and how we fund operations. This article is to explain our business model and how we operate behind the scenes.

There are 3 - 4 webinars each month… either an all day conference or a solo workshop… On all day conferences we provide compensation of 50% of all proceeds to the speakers. In the individual workshops the speaker receives anywhere from 50-60% of the proceeds and we receive 30-40%. With this model we are able to be a consistent source of funding for a range of conscious speakers including all the presenters on the speakers page and continue operating and creating new events.

We are 100% self-funded and each event assists in creating the next. We are now venturing back into live events at Global Ascension Tours in which we are traveling the world creating revolutionary gatherings and presentations with amazing speakers.

Our intention is to create other components to Portal to Ascension… Right now we have 3… Portal to Ascension Online University, Global Ascension Tours, Conscious Livestreams… Pretty soon we will be launching Ascension Records and begin to invest in creating sustainable communities and technology.

Your contribution assists in funding research for advanced technology such as free energy devices and holistic tech that can cure illness and providing a constant source of income for many conscious presenters so that they can continue their work and provide the world with more revolutionary and paradigm shifting information.

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