Phi Ratio and Sacred Geometry Of The Chakras

Phi Ratio and Sacred Geometry Of The Chakras - It has long been known that the Phi Ratio, or Divine Proportion, appears in certain proportions of living organic life, Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘canon man’ is famous for depicting the phi ratio in the human body. However the ancient Egyptians had far more knowledge, the ‘Flower of Life’ symbol is at The Temple of Abydas, it contains every mathematical formula, harmonies of sound, law of physics, biological life form and every atom that is within our ‘waveform universe’. Our universe has a base wavelength of 7.23cm. The measure of 7.23cm can be found on our bodies, it is the same distance between your eyes, the tip of your chin to the tip of your nose as well as the distance between each of the 13 geometrical chakras. The ancient Egyptians knew the importance of Phi Ratio and the Waveform for this universe and incorporated it into their lives and buildings.


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