Portal to Ascension Conference 2018

This is the first of a few announcements and articles on the most epic conference we have put together at Portal to Ascension. We began over 10 years ago creating small events, spiritual workshops that led into all day conferences in 2012 and then ultimately into the revolutionary online webinar university that launched over 3 and a half years ago. Since then we have been picking up momentum, coming up with partnerships and growing our platform to reach and impact millions. Our intention was to always go back into LIVE conferences and now I am extremely excited to announce that we have launched the Portal to Ascension Conference which will be taking place in Irvine, California on October 5th - 7th, 2018. This will be somewhere close to our 1000th event production in about 10 years; and all of our energy, intention and vibration is going into creating an awe inspiring experience of unity, consciousness, information and expansion so we can usher in frequencies that will assist us in shifting into a higher octave of existence.

This event is taking place in Southern California in Irvine since this is where Portal to Ascension began 10 years ago… 2 miles from the conference venue the Atrium Hotel; which is right across the street from John Wayne Airport. Extremely easy to fly in and out to and to get to the venue.

This will be a 3 day gathering in which we will delve deeply into esoteric and conscious wisdom. The main subjects of the conference is True World History & Ancient Civilizations, UFO Disclosure & Extraterrestrial Awareness, The Evolution of Consciousness & The Ascension of Planet Earth. We will also discuss and disclose advanced ancient and modern technology that will re-write our history and create a new reality on our planet.

The Portal to Ascension Conference will also be available via livestream so you can view it from anywhere in the world. The re-evolution is here now. Join us to celebrate the new dimension at the Portal to Ascension Conference.

Click here to register and leran more!

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  1. How do I get a ticket to this event in Irvine I want to go I am limited to. My phone to. Listen to YouTube so I don’t always get the i all the. Important details

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