Sacred Geometry & The Crop Circle Connection

Crop circles are a phenomenon that swept the world. The majority of crop circles have appeared in the United Kingdom and researches say that they date back to the start of the 20th century. There are accounts in some historical journals and articles about this occurrence. In the 1980’s and 90’s the awareness of crop circles and their rich history started coming to light as Paul Fuller spent countless hours documenting old cases. Crop circles have appeared worldwide; however, they are predominantly located within the small island of the United Kingdom. There is no definite scientific research as to why crop circles are concentrated to this area. There was one account of a crop circle dating all the way back to 1678 in Hertfordshire… this discovery is known to be the earliest recorded crop circle. In the late 1800’s to early 1900’s the frequency of these discoveries increased as the planet’s population also increased and humanity spread to the farthest reaches of the planet.

A crop circle is defined as an area of crops that has been flattened to form a pattern. Even though this is a tremendous and curious discovery, humanity in general accepts that they exist and there is not too much of an outcry to find out what they mean and who created them. Many individual’s feel that they have been discovered to be a hoax since a few different individual’s have come forth stating that they are responsible for them. However, once the masses heard that it was a hoax, little information came out afterwards when it was discovered that these individual’s were lying and also inable to have created such a complex pattern in the time it took to create it.

Crop circles form overnight creating intricate designs that are made from equations that hold certain resonante frequencies. What that means is that since everything is vibration in the universe… mathematical equations that are the building blocks for materializing matter and energy… also hold a vibration…. A frequency measured in hertz. We too (humans) are made from vibrating atoms that hold certain frequencies (hz). Therefore, different frequencies can alter our own perceptions, own vibration and the vibration of the planet around us; thereby, creating and shifting our reality constantly.

The sacred geometry of the crop circles hold these vibratory frequencies that are also being utilized in quantum physics, vibrational holistic medicine, ancient healing modalities and tools to uplift and activate the consciousness of the individual. The sacred geometry within the crop circles are uniquely designed to activate the awareness of the entire planet. This leads to the question of who created them? Is it a hoax? The evidence shows that the individuals who at first claimed responsibility for creating them, where not at all conscious of sacred geometry and these ancient depictions of spiritual notions to even know what they were doing. The time it took them to create a crop circle did not match up with the actual time it was created it. Additionally, phenomena such as all electronic devices being unable to work within a crop circle and the levels of energy and radiation signify there is something more occurring here that is extraterrestrial.

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