The End of Big Pharma

“The Big Three have collectively engaged in a medical conspiracy for the better part of 70 years to influence legislative bodies on both the state and federal level to create regulations that promote the use of drug medicine while simultaneously creating restrictive, controlling mechanisms (licensing, government approval, etc) designed to limit and stifle the availability of non-drug, alternative modalities. The conspiracy to limit and eliminate competition from non-drug therapies began with the Flexner Report of 1910.” (Forbidden).

In this day and age it seems that illness is running ramped. If we observed the course of history in correlation to disease and sickness we would see an exponential increase beginning at the turn of the 19th century. Why is this? Why are new undiscovered ailments being discovered every day? In today’s world economy, there is an entire industry dedicated to this phenomenon. We have seen an increase in new drugs and a rise in all forms of pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceutical companies are becoming colossal corporations and being dubbed ‘Big Pharma’ by the masses. There are advertisements galore inundating the media as new advancements in possible cures are presented. In this paper, I will discuss the role of the pharmaceutical corporations and the hidden agenda in relation to medication that has been suppressed and the blatant manipulation of our knowledge of holistic avenues to cure disease. Furthermore, I will present this information in an argumentative manner in order to provide reasonable evidence to prove my thesis.

“If you have a long, drawn-out, incurable but treatable disease, it’s unfortunate for you but great for pharmaceutical companies. While you’re suffering indefinitely, you’re also buying expensive pharmaceutical drugs” (Drug Marketing). Medical research has shifted from academic and scientific to commercial. When the research was academic it was funded by public sources and now it is being funded by private sources whose bottom line is profit. This industry is so profitable that there is no room for cures only the management of symptoms (Drug Marketing). This brings us into ‘management’ or symptom control. Drugs are engineered to cover the symptoms up so that we can continue living normal lives for years to come. However, this way of living will inevitable catch up with the user because a time will come when the body will begin to shut down since the root cause of the issue was not solved. There are medications that do attempt to cure sickness, but they are far and few between. Most of these medications only assist with small sicknesses such as the flu or cold. Even these medications do a number on your internal organs, corroding your liver and thinning your blood; thereby, damaging the inside of an individual’s body without their knowing. Managing disease is the premise of the marketing techniques that Big Pharma introduces into the public. If you have a mental disorder you are told that you can live a normal life by taking pills everyday (Drug Marketing). This is unfortunate since there are holistic medications and herbs that have been found to reverse these disorders and they have not been released to the public. There is an underlying energy of control heading by big corporations and backed by governmental offices, such as the FDA, that seek out to distort and hide information that can lead to a reduction or even elimination of disease on this planet (Forbidden). Another example would be AIDS. Pharmaceutical companies make more money with preventative AIDS medication and HIV medication than they do with full blown AIDS. AIDS is a huge cash crop, which leads an individual to wonder, why would the pharmaceutical companies want a cure for aids when they seek to an enormous profit AND they are the ones conducting AIDS research? (Forbidden) Another question would be what happens to the money that we donate towards AIDS research, breast cancer research, disease prevention? The majority of this money is handed over to the private sector. “We have to remember that most medical research in this country is financed by pharmaceutical companies who are looking for new drugs they can produce and sell.” (Drug Marketing). Even the money that is donated to universities or charities that are conducting their own research have oversight by the private sector Big Pharma industries. In one situation with Harvard University, students rebelled against the funding from pharmaceutical companies towards their research. They insisted that the criminal activity of pharmaceutical companies will taint their research and thereby reduce their credibility with the public (Harvard). The information is out there and will blow your mind if you simply seek it. As Life Extension Magazine puts it, “Marketing issues frequently outweigh medical science in drug company decisions.” (Drug Marketing)

This leads us in to some basic information about the human body and its resilience to heal itself from disease. When an individual ingests medication there is a direct effect on the liver. The liver processes this medication as a poison and removes harmful toxins from the blood stream. An individual who is on constant medication is constantly bombarding their liver with toxins which ultimately deteriorates the cells. On a side note, Russian scientists who were researching the human genetic code in 2008 realized that there is no DNA code for death. There is no reason for the human body to die (Scientists). They wondered why we do not live longer. The reason they found is that through air pollution, food we eat, stress, and pharmaceuticals our body’s organs deteriorate at a faster pace. Therefore, we die at 80-100 years old since our organs begin to fail not knowing that it is due to our environment and what we have ingested. Pharmaceutical have a big role in this and cause organ failure and deterioration that is lessening our lifespan. It is true that a few hundred years ago when there weren’t any pharmaceuticals we collectively live fewer years than we do now. However, that was due to an unbalanced diet and lack of nutrients, an issue that do not have now in an industrialized society.

A balanced diet consists of the food and liquids we ingest. There is an overall pH/alkaline level that is ideal for humans. A pH of 7.2 is neutral. Anything above 7.2 is alkaline and below is acidic. The majority of items we consume on a daily basis are acidic. This ranges from meats, dairy to sodas and many more items. Preservatives and any food item that has salt (excluding sea salt) become acidic. Main stream scientists have rediscovered an ancient truth that all disease grows in an acid environment. This includes all forms of cancer and even the common cold. If your body is in an alkaline state cancerous cells cannot thrive (Cancer). There is no question as to why the pharmaceutical companies and corporate/political lobbyists are also on the board of directors for corporations such as coca cola. Coca Cola is an example due to its extreme acidity levels. If you are to pour coke on your eroded car battery, it would fizzle away all the grime and look brand new. When archeologists find skeletons 1000’s of years old, the skeletons teeth are always intact due to their resilience. However, if you put a pair of teeth in a can of coke it will deteriorate within two weeks! If we were to shift out diets, if society was to concentrate and market food and liquids that are alkaline, I guarantee you that the majority of sickness on the Earth will disappear. In ancient times when there were little to no sicknesses the people were more connected to the frequency of the Earth. Scientists have discovered that the Earth emanates a frequency dubbed the Schuman resonance that has an alkalizing effect on the body. When we take our shoes off and connect to the grass or dirt the body automatically shifts into an alkaline state in 30 minutes and begins to combat disease more efficiently. We are so disconnected. Not only do we wear socks and shoes, but we are also on a carpet, on a foundation and inside walls separating us from the natural healing vibration our planet provides. This awareness is a new science of quantum physics and energy that is remerging and about to wash over our society. The only thing standing in the way is the corporate giants that are afraid of losing their power and monetary gains. There is a lot of disinformation that is being spread by Big Pharma and the FDA in order to confuse the public as to what is real and what is not.

Healing modalities are surfacing that also provide an alternative to pharmaceuticals. As mentioned above, the Earth emanates a frequency – well, so do we. The study of quantum physics has brought into our consciousness the idea of vibration and atoms on the quantum level. You and I are not solid matter. We are vibrating atoms that are vibrating at an incredibly fast rate, in and out of perceived realities 1000’s of times per second. Additionally, the keyboards you are typing on, the car you drive, the chair you sit on are all made of the exact same energy. There is no difference on the quantum level. It is all the same. Our organs also vibrate at certain frequencies that are measured in hertz. The ancient Egyptians, Tibetans, Indians, Buddhists and Aborigines knew this and calculated intuitively new the exact frequency or note that corresponded with the organs’ vibration. An example would be that the heart vibrates at 512 hertz (these numbers are arbitrary). This means that the atoms that make up your heart vibrate 512 times per second. A person who has heart disease may have a heart that vibrates at 410 hertz. What this means in the natural frequency is out of alignment and not at 512 as it should be. The new holistic modalities seek to address the frequency issue by emitting the frequency of that organ when it is in perfect health. The frequency is emanated in different ways including music or a machine that mimics the tone, in order to bring that organ back to alignment. The Egyptians created tuning forks that all correlated to the perfect frequency of each organ (Power). If there was any illness they could rectify it by simply playing the tone over a period of time. Advanced technology is being suppressed that has the ability to do this exact same thing (Power). The symptoms are treated and not the root cause. The frequency notion will repair the body on the cellular level. Ancient civilizations were privy to the wisdom of healing. In the Hindu tradition there was a text called the Ayurveda. This scripture had a list of all the diseases that will be present on Earth and holistic ways to cure them. Diseases that did not come into existence for thousands of years were spoken off. These cultures created musical instruments that would resonate and create a sound that carried a frequency to heal. Music in those ancient traditions was designed for healing.

Modern science is now able to calculate the frequency of each instrument and then correlate it to specific organs in the body. Holistic medicine, herbs, frequency, alkaline diets are all aspects that can heal us from any ailment and bankrupt the pharmaceutical industry. I understand that there are certain medications that assist us at this time in human evolution. However, a time will come when we no longer need anything accept for what the Earth provides. That time is quickly approaching as the masses awaken to the world wide corruption, thereby, realizing we are the majority and we have the power to create a paradigm with no disease or sickness at all. It may seem far-fetched since we are so accustomed to a sick world. I guarantee it is not far fetched at all. What is far-fetched is that we allow the few to profit of the many and that we believe what we are told rather than opening up our consciousness to the possibility that there is more to our world than what we have been taught since birth. The truth is out there and readily available for the masses to wake up to. The time is now.


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