UBUNTU Update with Michael Tellinger [With Video]

We recently hosted a webinar with Michael Tellinger in a question and answer format webinar in which he spoke about the UBUNTU movement and new updates on what is happening with him and the movement world wide. Rebecca from the US and Alethia from Smithers, BC both checked in to give updates on their process on spreading awareness of contributionism.

“Ubuntu” is an African expression of ancient wisdom that we can find in all ancient civilizations that existed in harmony with the planet. It means unity within community where we all contribute our natural talents to benefit all.

 The UBUNTU movement is providing a new social-economic structure which allows us to break from financial slavery and create abundance and true peace on Earth.

The following are just a few principles of the One Small Town Plan that Michael Tellinger and those affiliated with UBUNTU are proposing.

  • A population between 4000 – 7000.
  • The Mayor, Town Manager, City Council, and Sheriff are fully supportive of the mission to rejuvenate their town.
  • At least 20% of the residents express their support for the One Small Town
  • Identify the unique opportunities of the town including the agricultural and environmental possibilities that will be utilized for the benefit of the community and the investors.
  • Identify the skills and abilities of the people who have expressed their support for initiative as an indicator for launching new projects.
  • Analyze the existing factories and industry (some of which may be dormant) to strategically plan for new projects and businesses to launch in the community.
  • Funding is needed to create and renovate manufacturing facilities, equipment, tools, and supplies to create a wide range of products and services.
  • Detailed business plans to offer investors a truly unique opportunity to help the town rejuvenate rapidly. We call it “Adopt a Small Town”.

Michael Tellinger is one of a few hundred presenters we work with. Portal to Ascension supports many projects, inventions, researchers and conscious presenters who have dedicated their life to empower humanity. Make sure you watch the last update above and leave a comment.... AND check out Our Upcoming Conscious Webinars for more revolutionary events.


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