Partial UFO Disclosure Happening Now! Call to Action! Make this go viral

There is a huge breakthrough going on right now in the disclosure movement.

The NY Times released 2 front page articles (article 1, article 2) that explains one of the compartmentalized fanctions of UFO interaction with the department of defense & pentagon.

This lead into a main stream viral campaign of this news story. This was spearheaded by Tom Delonge... in which he said a month ago in a tweet that everything we see and every word has been planned for months.

This is an intentional and well planned out initiative to partially disclose the truth of Extraterrestrials. This is HUGE. No matter what the agenda... the fact that the mainstream is now saying that UFOs are real and that a non-terrestrial metal alloy was retrieved from one of these crafts is preparing the world for advanced technology and possibly the disclosure of interactions with actual extraterrestrials races.

There is a reason why they launched this during the holiday season... It is up to us to steer this into the right direction and not allow the unification to occur against a fake alien threat from outer space.

We are the masses and this email is a call to action to all of you to make this information go viral. It is time for us to be and do what we came here to do... awaken humanity to the truth of who we are and our cosmic ancient origins.

MSNBC - UFO Pentagon Program
CBS Interview UFO Program
CNN - We May Not Be Alone
Washington Post - The Aliens Are Coming
US Gov Recovered Material They Do Not Recognize from UFO
Fox News - Out of this world encounter

We are facilitating 4 free disclosure webinars over the next week to ensure that we keep this information valid and viral and flood the internet with the truth of our interconnectedness to all that is and the star beings.

Join us at one of these webinars... sign up below.
Dec 23rd 12PM PST - Paola Harris Saturday :: Disclosure, Weaponization of Space & ET Consciousness

Dec 23rd 1PM PST - Grant Cameron & Steve Bassett :: Disclosure Discussion 

Dec 23rd 3:30PM PST - Rey Hernandez from FREE :: Disclosure & ET Experiences

Dec 27th 3PM PST - UFO Disclosure Discussion :: New Years Special 

The moment is NOW everyone. We are going to take this awareness to the next level in 2018.... starting the year with the Extraterrestrial Disclosure Online Summit in which we will prepare humanity for contact with ET races. We are a platform for consciousness and understanding the history of Extraterrestrials and the future of our interaction with them. Thank you for your support so that we can continue to pioneer disclosure on every level.

Lets do this...

Neil Gaur

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