Working with Validation by Brad Johnson

In one’s quest to better work towards a path of self-authenticity, we will need to become aware of what we validate within our life that is true to our own nature. Validation is a powerful primer that brings focus to what we consider essential to live by. Validation can cause both harmonious aspects of ourselves as well as imbalanced aspects of ourselves to become quintessential to our definitions.

To work with validation, consider what you feel you’re still holding onto through emotion. If you’re uncertain about what emotion(s) you possess, think back to when you were last triggered or disrupted by something someone said or a situation that caught you off guard. Think about how you felt and what this did to you. What type of emotion(s) did you feel? Write them down and just be aware that they exist.

Spend time considering those emotions as you neutralize yourself through meditative focus. Let yourself be calm and relaxed as you reflect upon your emotional state. As you become aware of them, just listen. Do not feel that your emotion needs to be changed or altered. To do such a thing is only to empower it further with dismay and inadequacy.

As you examine this emotion and allow it to tell you its story, this gives you the opportunity to open up your compassion, love and forgiveness. Bring those elements into the fold and work to help heal and harmonize this emotion. Show yourself that your love is much stronger than the emotional imbalance itself. Doing so will assist in its transcendence back into peace.

As you do this, you will have dissolved an emotional barrier of belief assembled by validation. This is why it is so important to be mindful about what you validate. If you attempt to adopt a belief from someone else through whatever means, it will be a validation that will stay with you and lead you astray into a path that is not authentically yours to walk.

Continue to work with emotions that arise and renew yourself with validation that compliments your character. Walk, talk and live the validation connections that make you grateful, joyful and loving. Reprogram yourself to live a life that you feel is genuine to the core and provides you with infinite possibilities of expansion.

Cross-Contaminating Validation

As you continue to work on yourself and follow a path that is true to you, there may be a point where you may encounter an obstruction. This is an experience where you’re stopped dead in your tracks because something horrific or shocking has manifested within your life. What you have experienced is not some form of punishment, but rather a cross-contamination between two validations that are not in equilibrium with each other. This has shown itself within your life because it is a reminder to look into what you have neglected to change regarding emotions and beliefs. Cross-contamination can lead to unpleasant people suddenly coming into your life, an urgent situation arising, losing one’s job, being in a life-threatening accident, etc. All of these reasons are due to dormant subconscious emotions that project some form of emotional inadequacy through yourself. Through such an emotion comes the attraction to this unpleasant situation. Whatever the result of the event, look deeper into the heart of the event that caused cross-contamination… What did it to you? What emotions came up? Discover the roots that lead you to the emotion and work to heal and harmonize with it as previously described.

Cross contamination can happen. Do not feel that you must blame yourself or others when this happens. Simply be aware and accepting that this has happened and that you have the power to change it. Make your validations reflective of who you are within and live a genuine live with philosophies that serve, honor and expand you to powerful heights of realization and prosperity.

May it be well with you.

Brad Johnson

Brad will be speaking at the Full Disclosure Online Summit on April 23rd.

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