Working with Energy Systems: Sexual and Otherwise

There has been a great deal of philosophies that surround the nature of how we utilize the energies that exist around us. Our minds are the catalyst in manifesting energy based on what we assign through it by relationship. As our minds are so powerful, all energy that is programmed is a result of identity-related usage.

It is through this understanding that something like sexual energy is not an actual set or fixated energy that exists within or beyond us. It is a program that has been created through our minds to intend a purpose. Sexuality is a concept, not a natural energy existing within the wellspring of energy itself. All energy is malleable, bendable and transformative. Our own feelings, thoughts and emotions govern the conditions of assigned energy, but energy of its own nature is a clean slate devoid of any meaning whatsoever.

When energy has been sexualized, the mind has assigned a role to the natural love energy that exists throughout all of creation. Our own feelings, thoughts and emotions calibrate the energy to initiate a function of intent. That is not to say that stirring energy through the means of sexuality does not harness powerful intentions, but it is the stimuli through our emotional, mental and physical bodies that illicit the energy programmed with sexual assignment that creates an effect seen as profound. Therefore, this is telling us that our own feelings, thoughts and emotions have created the catalyst of an assigned emotional delivery through the energy we have harnessed, but the energy itself is not sexual in nature.

It is important to see ourselves as the patternizer and catalyst creator to all energy that exists. You are not awakening another brand of energy within yourself when you achieve a specific state of being. You are only assigning relationship to an energy that you have calibrated through a catalyst effect of thought, feeling and emotion. Therefore, there is no such thing as sexual energy, only energy that has been sexualized through a creator's relationship of intended will imposed upon it on a vibrational level.

This represents a similar context to what is also termed negative or positive energy. Again, no such polarities within the nature of energy itself exist, but it is our own polarized mind that assigns such concepts to energy based upon our own creator relationship will. This is how truly powerful we are as creators. We will always deem assignment of experience, purpose and meaning to energy, but energy will never hold embedded meaning within itself to determine brands of alignment. That is the responsibility of the mind, and not of pure loving consciousness undistorted by the meanings of the mind.

Brad Johnson

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