The Goddess Energy Connected to Glastonbury aka Ancient Avalon

Glastonbury holds a deep connection to the Goddess energy, making it a significant place for those drawn to explore and honor the divine feminine. The land of Glastonbury has long been associated with the ancient Celtic deity, known as the Goddess or the Lady of Avalon. This feminine energy is believed to be present in the landscape, the sacred sites, and the flowing waters of Glastonbury.

Glastonbury is often considered a place of pilgrimage for individuals seeking to connect with the nurturing, intuitive, and transformative aspects of the Goddess. It is believed to be a spiritual gateway where the divine feminine energy is accessible and potent. The myths and legends surrounding Glastonbury, including the tales of King Arthur and the Holy Grail, intertwine with the concept of the Goddess and her role as a source of wisdom and divine power.

The presence of the Goddess energy in Glastonbury is felt strongly through its sacred sites, such as the mystical Chalice Well. The Chalice Well is considered a symbol of the eternal feminine, representing the life-giving waters and the holy grail of spiritual nourishment. It is a place where individuals come to seek healing, inspiration, and a deep connection to the Goddess energy

Avalon’s unique energy vortexes and ley lines are believed to amplify and channel the Goddess energy, creating a potent spiritual atmosphere. Many spiritual seekers and practitioners are drawn to Glastonbury to tap into this sacred energy, exploring practices such as goddess worship, divine feminine spirituality, and earth-based rituals.

This area of the world is rooted in its rich mythological history, sacred sites, and the palpable spiritual atmosphere that pervades the land. It serves as a profound place for individuals to honor, embrace, and connect with the transformative power of the divine feminine, which is one of the many reasons we hold The Portal to Ascension Conference UK in this area. Join us this year or next live or online to experience the frequencies of Avalon and the empowering awareness we share at all our Portal to Ascension events.

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