How Many Resets Has The Earth Gone Through? Rise & Fall of Ancient Civilizations

As I delved into the intriguing possibility of advanced civilizations predating our own, surpassing our current level of sophistication, I found myself contemplating the frequency of such occurrences. Unveiling the intricacies of a cyclical pattern spanning approximately 26,000 years, wherein the ebb and flow of great civilizations align, raised questions about the driving forces behind these phenomena. Was it a leap in consciousness, technologically, or a harmonious interplay of both?

The unfolding revelation of a once-thriving civilization nearly eradicated from our planet some 13,000 years ago sparked curiosity about uncovering even more ancient epochs—36,000 years past, or perhaps even 100,000 years ago. The dynamic nature of Earth’s terrain, often underestimated by many, complicates the quest for remnants of these civilizations amidst a landscape continually shaped by shifting and morphing geological forces. How can we discover the truth? Join us at as we piece together our ancient story.

The history of Earth is inscribed not only with the footprints of known civilizations but also with cyclical patterns of rise and fall, representing a continuum of evolution and devolution that remains veiled beneath the layers of time. Ancient cultures, shrouded in mystique and wisdom, often spoke of these cycles. They conveyed narratives of epochs rising to great heights of technological and spiritual advancement only to be subsequently swept away, leaving behind scant traces of their existence. This cyclical pattern, evident in the writings of various civilizations, hints at a broader understanding of the evolution of human consciousness and societal progress.

The realization of these resets arises from the amalgamation of various disciplines—archaeology, geology, anthropology, and cosmology. The existence of advanced civilizations existing hundreds of thousands, or perhaps millions of years ago, has been theorized based on perplexing anomalies and compelling evidence found scattered across the globe.

Archaeological enigmas, such as the precision-cut stones of Puma Punku, the megalithic structures of Göbekli Tepe, and the intricate astronomical knowledge embedded in ancient sites like Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids, challenge the accepted timelines of human technological capabilities. Yet, these astonishing remains stand as mere fragments of a lost past, hinting at the grandeur and sophistication of our ancient forebears.

The trail of anomalies extends to inexplicable artifacts, out-of-place objects, and geological formations suggesting technological advancements. These anomalies—ranging from the Antikythera Mechanism to the controversial Voynich Manuscript. The idea of Earth’s resets implies that these advanced civilizations, existing in a far distant past, might have been wiped out from existence with little to no trace, leaving behind only subtle imprints that challenge our understanding of human history. Cataclysmic events, natural disasters, or cyclic shifts in Earth’s geology might have contributed to these resets, erasing much of the evidence of these ancient cultures and their technological advancements.

This cyclical wisdom transcends conventional linear historical paradigms. It calls for a reevaluation of the timeline, an open-minded approach to anomalies, and a holistic understanding of the rise and fall of civilizations throughout Earth’s dynamic history.

As our shared awareness undergoes a transformative evolution, embracing the insights derived from these resets holds the promise of reshaping our understanding of ancient civilizations, human potential, and the very fabric of time. The pivotal question at hand is whether we are now positioned to forego another reset, choosing instead to nurture our collective growth in tandem with an expanded comprehension of the Universe’s workings and the adept navigation of its cyclic rhythms.

This imperative lies at the heart of our True World History Conference—a conference dedicated to revising historical narratives and forging a new chapter in our collective narrative. The objective is not merely to rewrite the history books but to craft a narrative that propels us toward elevated states of consciousness and technological breakthroughs, fostering harmony on Earth and ultimately propelling us towards the boundless expanse of the stars.

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