Michael Tellinger and the Forgotten Technologies of Ancient Civilizations

Michael Tellinger stands as a leading figure in the exploration of ancient civilizations, challenging established historical narratives through his groundbreaking discoveries and unearthing the secrets of human history. A researcher, author, and speaker, Tellinger’s work has reshaped our understanding of the origins of human society, offering intriguing perspectives on ancient cultures and their remarkable technological advancements.

Central to Tellinger’s work is his exploration of the rich historical tapestry of Southern Africa, particularly in regions like South Africa, where he has unearthed compelling evidence that suggests a far more sophisticated and advanced civilization existed in the distant past than previously acknowledged.

One of Tellinger’s most notable and controversial contributions is his exploration of stone circles found across South Africa, some of which he believes date back to over 300,000 years. These structures, with intricate designs and alignments, challenge conventional perceptions of ancient human capabilities and technological sophistication.

He has extensively documented and researched these stone circles, proposing that they were not mere cattle enclosures, as initially thought, but were part of an ancient energy grid that harnessed sound and frequencies, potentially for a range of purposes. Tellinger suggests that these sites served as powerful energy-generating devices, possibly used in various technological applications that modern science is only beginning to understand.

Furthermore, Tellinger has put forth the intriguing notion that these ancient civilizations possessed knowledge of advanced technologies that might have included the use of sound, resonance, and frequency for various purposes, such as healing, power generation, and communication.

Tellinger’s pioneering research also delves into ancient writings and texts, exploring the stone ruins of Great Zimbabwe and their potential connections to other ancient cultures. He has brought attention to the connection between ancient Sumerian writings and the artifacts and ruins found in Southern Africa, suggesting a global network of knowledge and exchange among ancient civilizations.

Moreover, Tellinger has introduced the concept of “Ubuntu Contributionism,” advocating for a resource-based economy rooted in community and equality. He emphasizes the importance of rediscovering and adopting ancient principles of contribution and sharing within society to create a more harmonious and sustainable future.

His findings and theories have sparked debates and discussions within the scientific and archaeological communities, challenging established paradigms of human history and the capabilities of ancient civilizations. Tellinger’s work continues to push the boundaries of our understanding of ancient societies, shedding light on the technological advancements and societal structures that existed in the distant past, inviting us to reevaluate our perceptions of human history and civilization. We have had the opportunity to produce many events with Michael Tellinger and tour across the US and Canada with him 3 years in a row! Go to the Watch Now page and search for Michael Tellinger to explore his archive and be sure to tune in to his presentation at The True World History Conference.

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