The Portal to Descension

You know, before Summer of 2008, from age 18 – 25, I judged people quite a lot. The judgement was that of those who I believed were ignorant, following organized religion blindly, following politicians that lie and are so corrupt that continue to gas light us, believing this reality at face value and not seeing what lies beyond the veil – Extraterrestrials, dimensions and our true history, also not to forget the secret societies that control us. Not until 2008 when I had a huge revelation and I began realizing in so many ways that the darkness truly works for the light and we are in a sacred dance… and those who I believed were ignorant could be advanced souls that chose to not wake up yet or even at all. This idea was so freeing and 1 month later Portal to Ascension was created through a dream in which I was given the name. The reason why I tell you this is because the story I am about to tell is that of realizing the partnership of light and dark & reconciling the pain and struggle to the catalyst to our growth. How we reconcile atrocities and still not accept them as being okay is an entirely different discussion in itself.

The Story Goes…

In the last 2 years I had 2 past life regressions and a series of plant medicine experiences. Each of these experiences took me to many places but there was a consistent place I visited in time. However, each time a new perspective was given to me that filled in the gaps of what I did not see in the one before. In the first regression, with Geraldine Orozco, I was on a planet that was desolated except for a beautiful city in the middle and a massive building that I worked in. I was wearing what looked like an iron man suit and my job on this planet was to jump through a portal and visit Earth throughout different timelines. The way this technology worked is that due to my DNA and soul signature I could only visit myself in different incarnations on Earth. I realized that what I was doing was collecting data to reconstruct a technology that was stolen from my planet that was designed to create life… the creator god technology. As my colleagues and I visited ourselves in different lives on Earth we collected data to reconstruct the technology and save our planet from destruction since it was the life force of this energy.

In my second regression, with Bridget Renee Holliday, after a journey of visiting and communicating with the dragon realms, I asked…. why am I seeing this. Suddenly, I am floating above the second star in Orion’s belt and then I travel down to this planet. It is the same planet from my first regression! I finally know where I am. However, I am there many years before my first regression and I seem to be engaged in a war to protect the physical stargates on this planet against an invading force. We are overpowered and these beings steal a technology and escape through the Portal to evade prosecution for the atrocities created in Orion. These stories are much longer than I am providing here and when I do my Orion Portal, Reptilians & Galactic Wars presentation this year we will get into it all.

The final piece came together in a ceremony in Costa Rica… I have been there for 2 weeks and this is the last ceremony. In my vision I immediately find myself of the same planet in Orion… Now I am even further back in a different life but still on the same planet. I look around and see Portals… stargates… doorways to other worlds all around and I am standing by the central and largest portal. This is my job here.. this is my role… What am I? I ask. I am the gatekeeper of the Portal. This was a mind blowing experience for me…  Each experience took me further back in time that could have spanned over millennia. I was the gatekeeper, I was the warrior that protected the gate, I was one of the people going through the portals in a distant future to regain what was lost.

What is this Portal? Does it have a name? 

In that moment it came to me… this portal was a doorway to lower worlds, to lower dimensions and disharmonic realities and the name of the Portal? 

Was The Portal To Descension

I was the gatekeeper of the Portal to Descension. I guess you had to be there or be me to feel a life long journey of 23 years of being in this world and the question continuously of who am I? Why am I here? And identity issues from childhood trauma combined with a deep longing for a home that I felt was far away in the depth of space. What does this mean?

You and I, we have been many things…

we have been on the side and played the role of people and beings that in this life you may inherently disagree with. I was the gatekeeper of assisting souls to come down to experience a density and the Portal to Ascension is a manifestation of the answer to the descension process. This is a beautiful game we created for ourselves…

We are the actors on a stage that forgot we are acting

We also did not realize for so long that we are the directors, the script writers and the producers. It is time for us to realize this and to bring peace to both polarities that have created separation and division amongst our human family. My lesson and awareness from these experiences is that we will continue to be a beacon of unity in a world that seems divided… we will love and create moments of connection to those we may disagree with. There is a greater truth and we are all catalyst for each other to grow and acquire the experiences we signed up for.

Thank you for listening and being a part of Portal to Ascension. I love and appreciate you and as crazy as this world is, I can’t help but have hope. There is always light at the end of the tunnel and the only way to move through the tunnel is not to be afraid of it, instead to see it as the little scared child or disconnected soul that wants to be held in love. We all pretty much want the same things… love, connection, joy and as we gain awareness; the ignorance and delusion begin to diminish.Neil Gaur

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