The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Hello Cosmic Family,

The ‘boy who cried wolf’ is exactly how I feel in regards to all the announcements I have made for about 2 years, almost weekly, that our new website is launching. I thought it was going to launch any minute now so often that after a while I just stopped giving dates. The amount of stress AND personal growth I had to go through in order to be okay with all the delays, challenges and ‘losses’ in the last 2 years is quite profound. I went through 3 different site developers, got swindled out of 25K and then had to start all over again with our current team. I shed so many tears and felt defeated.

I have since come to peace to what happened. I am breathing heavily now just to release the intense amounts of anxiety that I experienced. I just wanted to take a moment to express to you the journey of what has been happening since we really haven’t been consistent this entire year. Since January 2023 we have only done 2 online events. We usually do about 3 or 4 a month! The delay and the issues with the site completely halted business and for a while old wounds and fears arose and I did not know if Portal to Ascension would make it. I wanted to give up and was so angry. I had to work through a lot of anger to be at a level of surrender and peace so that as we launch this new website it can be infused with harmony and truth. Portal to Ascension is my life. I live this full time, so the reality of not creating events, slowing down to almost a complete halt and then having to deal with months and months of delays was intense.

Those of you who read our emails often and/or attend our events will know that we have not been doing as many online events. Even our YouTube slowed down. At first I was upset BUT NOW I am on the other side of it. Which is why I am emailing you. I had a realization that Portal to Ascension has been in necessary cocoon mode… we have been hibernating ready to emerge as something greater than what we were before. During our hiatus Joan of Angels and I created 2 years from now until 2025 of events and we are rapidly adding them to our new website.


We are still working out a few things and in a few weeks we will make all past events on our site for free for a week for all of you to go and navigate the platform and give us feedback. (Please give us feedback!)

I also want to share that from now on along side all of the 100 plus gatherings we create a year, we will also be emailing you updates as the PTA team travels the world full time filming ancient sites and creating gatherings… AND Portal to Ascension is moving to the UK in about 2 weeks until December 2023. We are doing a 3 day conference in Glastonbury and will be in Europe conducting research and connecting with the community there.

A few weeks ago I was at a cross roads… should I give up or should I double down on everything I created. I decided to double down and go even deeper into the mission. What we are doing together and the awareness that is coming back to the planet will create a whole new world. Its honestly been a rough road with a lot of road blocks, but I realize now those blocks only allowed me and the PTA crew to claim our mission even more than before.

One last thing… if I could ask you to take a moment and breath with me and envision the new Portal to Ascension Website and infuse it with love and harmony. It has been so intense that I want to defuse any energy around the site that is not for the highest good and would affect its overall ability to impact the collective consciousness. Just take a few seconds and please envision that with me.

Love you all,

Neil Gaur

Portal to Ascension

PS: Our new website has 100s of more hours of content for you to browse through and we are created an iPhone & Android app as well.

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