The Expansion of Consciousness with PTA

Neil Gaur is recognized for his significant contributions to the fields of consciousness exploration, metaphysics, and holistic healing. He is notably known as the founder of Portal to Ascension, an organization dedicated to providing a platform for researchers, experiencers, and seekers to explore an array of esoteric and metaphysical topics. Through his work with Portal to Ascension, he has become a key figure in facilitating knowledge-sharing and fostering communities interested in expanding their understanding of consciousness and the universe.

Portal to Ascension serves as a central hub for discussions and events on a wide array of topics, including UFO disclosure, ancient civilizations, sacred geometry, extraterrestrial contact, sound healing, quantum mechanics, and more. Neil’s dedication to creating a platform for these discussions has led to numerous conferences, webinars, and workshops that gather leading experts, researchers, and speakers from various fields to share their insights and experiences.

One of the core tenets of his work through Portal to Ascension is to bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and modern understanding, aiming to provide a holistic perspective on humanity’s potential and the nature of reality. By amalgamating spiritual teachings, scientific discoveries, and alternative perspectives, Portal to Ascension serves as a space for individuals to delve into multifaceted discussions, encouraging an exploration of consciousness expansion and the evolution of human potential.

Neil’s mission centers on providing access to knowledge, tools, and experiences that can assist individuals in their personal and collective transformation. The organization seeks to empower individuals to explore their own consciousness, awaken their potential, and engage in self-exploration by offering a diverse range of resources, from online courses to live events. Neil also loves researching and presenting on many intriguing and consciousness expanding topics. By facilitating 1000s of events and presentations, he has been able to acquire a depth of awareness and also tune in to what the missing links are, or what topics are not discussed enough. He creates presentations on these topics and also creates full day gatherings to dive deep and dissect these subjects that do not get enough attention; thereby, creating a library of awareness for the new paradigm that is unfolding. Begin browsing through this library now.

The platform also extends its reach into the realm of holistic healing, sound therapy, and meditation practices. Gaur’s endeavors through Portal to Ascension support the understanding and utilization of these modalities as means to unlock higher states of awareness, facilitate healing, and promote overall well-being.

Neil Gaur’s work with Portal to Ascension has had a significant impact in fostering a space for individuals to explore alternative narratives, challenge conventional beliefs, and expand their awareness of the interconnectedness between ancient wisdom, modern science, and consciousness exploration. Through his dedication, Neil has established a platform that continues to facilitate thought-provoking discussions, encourages personal growth, and empowers individuals to embark on their own journeys of self-discovery and expanded awareness.

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