The Hurtaks: Act Globally, Think Cosmically

JJ and Desiree Hurtak, authors of numerous books, are a power couple of divine soulmates who have both made great accomplishments in the arenas of social science and futurism, as well as extensive accomplishments in their unique fields. Learn more in this article about these joint and individual accomplishments. We are always excited and happy to include them among our presenters at Portal To Ascension.

JJ Hurtak, PhD and Desiree Hurtak are the co-founders of The Academy for Future Science, an international NGO (non-government organization). A social scientist, remote sensing specialist, space law specialist and futurist JJ has authored 20 books. These include The Keys of Enoch® which is a best-seller, and many other books including the End of Suffering, which he co-authored with physicist Russell Targ. He also co-authored another book with Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher and Desiree Hurtak, entitled Mind Dynamics in Space and Time

His 2 PhDs come from the University of California in 1977 and one from the University of Minnesota in 1993. Dr. Hurtak also holds an MTh from Luther Theological Seminary. His studies there included early Greek, Coptic literature from the Patristic period, and Latin with Dr. Carl Volz.

Dr. Hurtak has accomplished extensive archeological studies in Egypt and was one of the principal discoverers in 1997 of the “Tomb of Osiris” on the Giza Plateau. He also worked in the pyramids of Mexico and Egypt doing GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) and acoustic sound tests. He is research director of the Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association.

Did you know that he was a scientific consultant for Sidney Sheldon’s bestseller? It was called The Doomsday Conspiracy (1992). He has also been an extraterrestrial researcher and investigator for more than 35 years. 

Dr. Desiree Hurtak is also a futurist, as well as a social scientist, environmentalist and an author of titles including Overself Awakening, co-authored with her husband JJ. This title has been translated into 6 languages. Another of her popular books is The 72 Names of the Myriad Expressions of the Divine Mother

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