Embracing the Reality of UFO Existence: Exploring Origins and Occupants

The existence of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) has long been a subject of controversy, skepticism, and intrigue. Over the years, a shift in perspectives has taken place, gradually steering the discourse away from whether UFOs are real to the more profound questions of their origin and the entities navigating these craft. While skepticism remains, there has been a significant pivot towards acknowledging the validity of UFO sightings and encounters.

Decades ago, individuals reporting UFO sightings were often dismissed or relegated to the fringes of society, labeled as conspiracy theorists or imaginative storytellers. However, in recent times, a shift has occurred, largely due to the declassification of government documents, the release of credible military footage, and the acknowledgment of encounters by trained pilots and reputable witnesses.

The U.S. government’s acknowledgment of the legitimacy of UFO sightings has been a pivotal moment in this paradigm shift. In June 2021, the Pentagon released a highly anticipated report on UFOs, formally known as Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), confirming the existence of encounters that defy current human understanding of aerospace technology. This acknowledgment by government and military authorities has propelled the conversation from “if” UFOs exist to “what” they are and “who” might be controlling them.

The pressing question that now emerges is the origin of these unidentified crafts and the beings or forces behind their navigation. The discussion has evolved beyond a mere focus on the existence of UFOs to a deeper contemplation of their creators or pilots. Speculations vary widely, spanning from potential extraterrestrial origins to futuristic human-made technology developed covertly or by another nation. Some even entertain the possibility of interdimensional travelers or time travelers or even an ancient civilization from our own planet that has been evolving here before humanity came in to existence.

The notion of extraterrestrial visitation is a topic that has captured the public’s imagination for decades. With numerous reports from credible witnesses, including military personnel and pilots, the idea that these crafts might be operated by beings from other planets or galaxies has gained traction.

The possibility of highly advanced human-made technology, kept secret by governments or developed by private entities, cannot be discounted. Such technology, if in existence, could potentially explain some sightings that seem beyond our current scientific and technological capabilities. The question would still be that if these craft are reverse engineered, what were they reverse engineered from?

The concept of interdimensional beings or time travelers operating these crafts introduces an even more complex and abstract layer to the conversation. It raises questions about the nature of reality and the potential for beings existing beyond our current understanding of time, space, and existence.

As the discourse shifts towards acceptance of the existence of UFOs, it becomes imperative to engage in open, transparent, and rigorous discussions to explore and investigate these phenomena, which is what we do here at Portal to Ascension. The journey involves collaboration between scientists, agencies, ufologists, experiencers, and the public to analyze data, conduct research, and pursue a deeper understanding. This revelation will change the paradigm in which we exist in within a very short period of time. The question if we are alone in The Universe is in the process of being answered. Join us as we explore who and what these beings are at The Ultimate Star Beings 4 Day Conference.

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