Top 10 Modern UFO Sightings in Mexico

Mexico has been the site of numerous UFO sightings over the years. Here are ten notable UFO sightings in Mexico:

  1. Aguadilla UFO Incident (2007): In 2007, a UFO was detected by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency near the coastal town of Aguadilla. The object was captured on infrared cameras and exhibited unusual flight patterns, sparking interest among UFO researchers.
  2. Tepoztlán UFO Flotilla (2009): In April 2009, dozens of glowing UFOs were witnessed and captured on video by multiple observers in the skies above Tepoztlán, Mexico. This event is often referred to as the “Tepoztlán UFO Flotilla.”
  3. Campeche UFO Incident (2004): In March 2004, military personnel in Campeche observed and recorded multiple UFOs on radar. The event was widely reported and investigated by both the military and civilian UFO researchers.
  4. Mexico City UFO Wave (1991): Mexico City experienced a wave of UFO sightings in 1991 when multiple witnesses reported and videotaped flying saucer-like objects in the sky. The incident attracted significant media attention.
  5. Mexico City Airport UFOs (2005): In 2005, several airport employees and pilots at Mexico City’s international airport reported sightings of spherical, metallic objects flying near the airport. The sightings caused brief disruptions to air traffic.
  6. Guadalajara UFO Incident (2004): In September 2004, residents of Guadalajara witnessed a massive, brightly lit UFO in the night sky. Multiple witnesses reported the event, and it was covered by local news outlets.
  7. Villa de Alvarez UFO Flap (2009): The town of Villa de Alvarez experienced a series of UFO sightings in 2009, including multiple reports of disc-shaped objects hovering in the sky. These sightings continued for several weeks.
  8. Popocatépetl Volcano UFOs (2012): Popocatépetl, an active volcano near Mexico City, has been the site of various UFO sightings, often captured on live volcano webcam feeds. These sightings have fueled speculation about possible underground or underwater bases.
  9. Chihuahua UFO Incident (1974): In 1974, residents of the city of Chihuahua reported a series of UFO sightings. Witnesses described seeing multiple bright lights in the night sky, and the incident garnered attention in the local media.
  10. Xalapa UFO Wave (2010): Xalapa, the capital city of the state of Veracruz, experienced a wave of UFO sightings in 2010. Multiple witnesses reported seeing and photographing unidentified objects in the vicinity.

These are just a few of the many UFO sightings reported in Mexico over the years. While some of these incidents remain unexplained, others have been subject to investigation by both government and civilian organizations.

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