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AB’ORIginal: DNA & The TREE of LIFE

AB’ORIginal: DNA & The TREE of LIFE
This share will Focus on two major ancient Spiritual systems of Alkebulan (Africa): IFA & Paut Neteru. IFA is from the Yoruba People of Nigeria and means the "Wisdom of Nature''. Paut Neteru is from ancient Khemit (Egypt) and identifies the various faculties or "organs" of our Spirit. Some say it is the source of the Hebraic Kabbalah or "Tree of Life''.

We will take a practical look at recognizing, invoking, and Balancing the various Orisha or Neteru (Forces of Nature) in order to Evolve and have an optimum, Happy Life.

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AB’ORIginal: DNA & The TREE of LIFE

About The Speaker



Shophar is a Breath Poet, helping People BEcome Aware of the Rhythm & Rhyme of their Inhale & Exhale. He honed his inner AUTHORity to write S.O.L, Sacred Orgasmic Living.

He is a MC who helps others remember that they are Master Creators with Qi Gong (Breath Work), S.E.X. (Sensual Emotional eXchange) and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

His Queen, Kirti, and him use their PoeTREE, heART work, podcasts and group/couple/individual Healing sessions to help Support others to Heal and Explore the link between Sensuality and Consciousness.

In this workshop we will go over:

  • "AB'ORIginal" - Balancing the Heart & Head with BreathWork and looking deep into the Khemetic AB (Heart)
    and Yoruba concept of the ORI (Spirit/Consciousness of our Head aka Mind).
  • IFE - in Yoruba IFE means Love
  • TREE of LIFE = Neteru of Khem and the Orisha of Yoruba
  • D.N.A. = Djed, Neter, AB
  • "Djed"- in ancient Kemet (Egypt) was depicted as a Pillar. Some interpretations are that the Pillar is our Spine. Our Spine allows
    Creative, Sensual Energy to travel up and down, acting as a bridge between "Heaven & Earth".
  • "Neter" - is how the People of Khem (Egypt) said God or Force of Nature.
  • "AB" - Essential part of our BEing that was said to be weighed in the afterlife. We will do BreathWork to make our Heart "as light as a Feather'.

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