Activating The Galactic Within
Online Webinar

Activating The Galactic Within

Invitation for Star Seeds, Visionaries and Grid Workers, that are consciously co-creating & embodying Heaven on Earth
Sun, September 17
11am - 1pm

Sun, September 17


  • 11am - 1pm
  • Replay Access
  • Online Via Zoom

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The galactic within will be a dimensional road map on how to access parts of yourself that needs to be HERE NOW. Opening up more divine self-expression through activation, breathwork, sound attunement & diving into the multi-dimensional realms of existence.

Imagine - YOU, in divine alignment! 

Within you lives a dream, a dream of worlds that you haven’t even seen before. These worlds bring treasures that YOU are HERE to embody & live!

"I AM self-expression, beyond boundaries, limitations, fears, thoughts, emotions, limiting beliefs. I AM the full divine expression of love"
Zoe Davenport

Zoe Davenport

Zoe Davenport is a Multi-Dimensional Channel, Writer, Speaker, Divine Oracle and Modern mystic dedicated to being a catalyst to connecting others to their highest potential, truths, and wisdom within. Through speaking, writing, and connecting, with both groups and individuals one-on one, she has assisted many in unveiling their deeper purpose and Soul callings.

As an adept “Seer” of the infinite fields of quantum existence and higher plains of dimensional frequencies, Zoe has embodied the mastery of recognizing the highest potentials that exist within an individual. She guides others in creating a fluid plan of how to ground these potentials and dreams into the present day reality. Part of this journey includes applying tools and methods to assist in releasing outdated programs, constructs, patterns of control, attachment and expectation. The deep and transformational path together with Zoe will allow one to embody sovereignty & purpose through an all encompassing dive into the physical, mental, emotional, and spirit bodies.

As a young child Zoe began honing her gifts as a medium and clairvoyant. These skills have assisted her through her abundant path of service starting as a licensed massage therapist, certified reiki practitioner, and shamble multidimensional healer. Over the past 14 years, Zoe has been on a journey of in-depth integration and embodiment through rigorous self-study and spiritual ascension. In 2014, she began building her professional career on this foundation with the release of her first book Love is the Answer. She has now been working with a full range of individuals ranging from CEO’s, to Founders, Executives, and Practitioners to assist them into embodying their deeper purpose and potential.

Today, Zoe remains unwavering in her commitment to her continued personal and professional growth. She holds the field for Universal messages that want to come through. Her ongoing mission is to spread her reach to wider audiences, through her virtual & live events, writing, podcast appearances, and speaking engagements.

What you will learn during this transmission

  • Opening up to deeper levels of knowing, intuition, galactic messages and connection
  • Learning more of your soul's truth and multi-dimensional gifts
  • Feeling a deeper connection and embodiment of the mental/physical/emotional/spirit body
  • Learning to shift your frequency and play a different game of consciousness
  • Journey in sacred space to the realms beyond the known and witness wonderful states of awareness