Akura: Reconnect With The Galactic Family
Online Webinar

Akura: Reconnect With The Galactic Family
DNA Activations & Heart Connection

Sat, October 07
10am - 1pm PT

Sat, October 07


  • 10am - 1pm PT
  • Replay Access
  • Online Via Zoom

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"I am AKURA, a starseed and since childhood I am clairvoyant, clairsentient and strongly connected with the cosmos.

Since my childhood I saw various entities. I went the classical way like many starseeds and had to forget. For a long time I believed to be wrong.

Many starseeds are plagued by this very issue: They feel very precisely, they have a strongly developed intuition but they often do not dare to listen to it anymore. This deep fear of not being understood accompanies many starseeds even in adulthood.

In this course I want to help you to trust yourself again! You are completely right with your intuition, everything you have seen is true. - Akura"

Are you ready to dive deep into your cosmic heritage and strengthen your bond with your galactic family? Join AKURA, a clairvoyant starseed, in this transformative course designed to help you activate your DNA potential, establish a profound heart connection, and rediscover your place within the galactic tapestry. Through a unique blend of guided meditations, energy activations, and interactive sessions, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery, cosmic remembrance, and soulful connection.


I'm Sandra aka AKURA, I'm a psychic medium, starseed, conciousness mentor and intuitive artist.
I help starseeds in their awakening process. 💖

In this course you will learn...

  • Heart-Centered Awareness: Cultivate a profound heart connection as you learn to navigate the cosmic energies with love, compassion, and empathy. Discover the transformative power of heart-centered awareness, allowing you to align your intentions, actions, and interactions with the highest frequencies of the galactic realms
  • Galactic Communication: Deepen your ability to communicate and connect with various galactic entities, including spirit guides, star beings, and ascended masters. Learn techniques to refine your psychic abilities, expand your telepathic communication skills, and strengthen your spiritual connection with your galactic allies.
  • Embracing Unity Consciousness: Explore the profound concept of unity consciousness and its importance in the collective awakening process. Discover how your individual journey as a starseed contributes to the larger cosmic tapestry and explore ways to actively participate in the global shift towards unity, love, and harmony.
  • Galactic DNA Activations: Experience powerful energetic activations designed to awaken and activate dormant strands of your DNA, unlocking your inherent cosmic abilities and facilitating a deeper connection with your galactic lineage. Explore the potential of your multidimensional self and embrace the expanded consciousness that comes with it.
  • Remembering Your Cosmic Origins: Journey through the depths of your soul as you explore past-life regressions, interdimensional travel, and meditative practices to remember your cosmic origins. Gain insights into your unique mission on Earth and receive guidance from your galactic family to support your soul's growth and evolution.