Brad Olsen: The Lost History of our Pre-Diluvian Origins

Brad Olsen: The Lost History of our Pre-Diluvian Origins

Ancient Mysteries through Age of Exploration Maps and Curious Polygonal Building Styles Worldwide
Fri, February 24
11am - 1pm

Fri, February 24


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The Piri Reis map, drawn in 1513, continues to astound researchers with its remarkable accuracy. It not only depicts the African and South American coastlines but also showcases a chain of islands off the coast of Antarctica—a continent that wasn't officially discovered until 1821. How could early maps depict islands that remain hidden beneath layers of ice, only now being unveiled by modern exploration? The implications are profound. Considering that these islands were last exposed before the last Ice Age, it strongly suggests that the Piri Reis Map draws from a source map that is between 12,000 and 10,000 years old, making a compelling case for its connection to a pre-Diluvian era. Furthermore, appended notes suggest that it may be derived from source maps held within the ancient Library of Alexandria, adding another layer of intrigue to its origins.

Another enigma of our ancient past lies in the colossal megalithic blocks found in pre-Inca South America and similar polygonal stone constructions scattered across the globe. How were these massive 70-ton blocks moved with such precision and locked into place? Could the secret lie in the lost art of manipulating cold plasma to shape the stones, harnessing a forgotten technology that has eluded modern understanding? Or perhaps the ancient builders employed the science of auditive levitation, utilizing sound frequencies to transport and position these awe-inspiring monoliths? The tantalizing possibilities raise more questions than answers, encouraging us to delve deeper into the realms of ancient engineering and technological capabilities.

Expand your understanding of our shared past and the technologies that may have once been wielded by our enigmatic ancestors. Together, let us unravel the secrets of our pre-Diluvian origins and unlock the profound knowledge that has lay dormant for so long.
Brad Olsen

Brad Olsen

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