Christ Consciousness Online Conference

Christ Consciousness

Christ Consciousness: Online Conference

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Uncover the truth of the Christ Consciousness and the mysticism behind Christmas. Take a journey into past civilizations and deep esoteric wisdom so that we can embrace the truth of who we are and embody the Christ Consciousness.

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Your Presenters

Victoria Vives
Victoria Vives
Tricia McCannon
Tricia Mccannon
Ayanna Mojica
Ayanna Mojica
Neil Gaur
Neil Gaur
Your Host + Emcee

Uncover the truth of the Christ consciousness and the mysticism behind Christmas!

Christ Consciousness and what the world religions do not want you to know.
Sexuality as a path to enlightenment.
What is our true ancient history?
Star Families: The hidden truth and their secret role in Human Ascension.
Magdalen, The Feminine Christ: Priestess of Power & Wealth
What is the Christ Consciousness and how does it relate to Jesus and his life. Where did this word come from and how is it connected to the Christmas and its pagan roots.

With unlimited replay access


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