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Debra Katz: Remote Viewing in 4D

Debra Katz: Remote Viewing in 4D
Ready to work some RV targets? In this action packed practice based remote viewing workshop, participants will get to practice four different types of targets – 2 D picture based, 3 D Object, 3 D location/Activity, 3 D Operational target and 4 D conceptual.

Learn vital concepts and approaches to utilizing your innate psi abilities to access information about all that is within the world and the world itself.

Experience your own intuitive perceptual abilities that you may not have realized existed. This class is perfect for those new to RV but also experienced/trained remote viewers who’d like to gain experience working different kinds of targets in a fast paced setting.

What We Will Explore...
* 2 D picture based, 3 D Object, 3 D location/Activity, 3 D Operational target and 4 D conceptual.
* Discuss how different kinds of targets lend themselves to different kinds of experiences while remote viewing
* Discuss how different kinds of approaches result in different types of information and experiences
* Learn how to minimize errors and analytic overlay
* Learn how to quickly stimulate initial informational flows
* How to probe initial impression to get more information without going into analytic overlay

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Debra Katz: Remote Viewing in 4D

About The Speaker

Debra Katz

Debra Katz

Debra Lynne Katz, Ph.D. is co-author of the Associative Remote Viewing: The Art & Science of Predicting Outcomes for Sports, Politics, Finances, and the Lottery. She has published several scientific papers on topics related to ARV and judging/scoring/rater reliability, remote viewing and dreaming as an intentional precognitive tool. She has published other books on intuitive development, energy healing and intentionality including "The Complete Clairvoyant","You Are Psychic", "Extraordinary Psychic" and "Freeing the Genie Within". She is the founder and director of the International School of Clairvoyance; The current president of the International Remote Viewing Association, and a member of several research-based organizations.

She is an accomplished clairvoyant, remote viewer and medium. Her website is www.debrakatz.com.

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