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Dr. Steven Greer: The Cosmic False Flag

Dr. Steven Greer: The Cosmic False Flag
In the most shocking and important seminar you will ever hear on the UFO/ ET subject, Dr. Steven Greer will present the history, methods and plans for a staged, covert Cosmic 911. What you learn will disturb you. It will enlighten you. But be prepared- this information will be shocking and true. Knowledge is power: This means by knowing of these nefarious plans, we can avert them!

This is the event you absolutely do not want to miss!

How the false alien threat has already been hoaxed- and how this has been accomplished. Names will be named: You will learn how the deep national security state and covert military operations have staged false Alien Abductions, Mutilations- and what technologies have been used.

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Dr. Steven Greer: The Cosmic False Flag

About The Speaker

Dr. Steven Greer

Dr. Steven Greer

Steven M. Greer, MD is Founder of The Disclosure Project, The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI), The Orion Project and Sirius Technology Advanced Research, LLC.

Father of the Disclosure movement, he presided over the groundbreaking National Press Club Disclosure Event in May, 2001. Over 20 military, government, intelligence and corporate witnesses presented compelling testimony regarding the existence of extraterrestrial life forms visiting the planet, and the reverse engineering of the energy and propulsion systems of these craft. Over one billion people heard of the press conference through the original webcast and on subsequent media coverage on BBC, CNN, CNN Worldwide, Voice of America, Pravda, Chinese media, and media outlets throughout Latin America. The webcast had 250,000 people waiting online – the largest webcast in the history of the National Press Club at that time.

Dr. Greer has been seen and heard by millions world-wide on CBS, the BBC, The Discovery Channel, the History channel, The Ancient Aliens series, Thrive and through many news outlets worldwide. He is also co-producer of “Sirius”, a documentary covering his work and theories over extraterrestrial life, government cover-ups and close encounters of the 5th kind. His message is one of hope – that these free energy systems can soon be available worldwide. His goal is to assist in the creation of a sustainable, peaceful civilization on Earth that is high-tech, in harmony with the environment, and interstellar.

What You Will Learn

  • What technologies have been developed since the 1940s that enable para-military Unacknowledged
    Special Access Projects (USAPs) to affect consciousness, stage false Alien events and plant the
    seeds of fear to justify a scripted Armageddon
  • How man-made UFOs, hollywood-style staging and very advanced electronic warfare systems
    enable USAPs to stage abductions, mutilations and other false-flag events - and how these have
    conditioned and prepared the world through the fear of Aliens for the coming hoax of an official
    Alien Threat
  • New Official Air Force whistle-blower testimony confirms the false flag plan and the intent to
    achieve it
  • The emergence by 1956 of advanced electronic warfare technologies that affect consciousness-/
    and how these pscho-tronics can give the target (victim) ANY experience that is scripted
  • What you need to know to differentiate between the hoaxed versus actual ET presence
  • Learn how covert interests are laying the foundation for a false alien threat and a potential
    militaristic takeover of the earth. 1940's - present.
  • How we can go forward to create a civilization on earth founded on the principles of universal

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