Justin Deschamps: ET Culture, Societies & Law

Justin Deschamps Extraterrestrial Cultures and Law

ET Culture, Societies and Law: Secrets to A Golden Age Revealed



Extraterrestrials have been visiting the earth for a very long time. Historically, we refer to these beings as gods, angels or demons. In modern times, they have different names. By analyzing the overarching make up of ET cultures across time, insights can be gleaned that help guide humanity toward the so-called golden age. Join Justin as we discuss how societies come about, what principles are needed to make them fair, honest, and sustainable, and what ET cultural and social models have been offered to us for making a benevolent human society, founded on truth, spirituality, free energy, personal sovereignty, and lawful life-enhancing institutions.

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Justin Deschamps

Justin Deschamps


Justin Deschamps has been a truth seeker all his life, studying physics, psychology, law, philosophy, and spirituality, and working to weave these seemingly separate bodies of information into a holistic tapestry of ever expanding knowledge. Justin is a student of all and a treach to some, sharing what he has discovered with those who are ready and willing to take responsibility for making the world a better place. The goal of his work is to help himself and others become better truth-seekers, and in doing so, form a community of holistically minded individuals capable of creating world healing projects for the benefit of all life—what has been called The Great Work. Justin is the founder of Stillness in the Storm… a pioneer of online information for conscious awareness.

What Will Be Covered...

- Exopolitics & interaction with Extraterrestrial races
- Integrating, understanding and accepting extraterrestrial culture
- How society will be affected by open contact
- How does law play a part in our interaction with Extraterrestrials
- The reformation of our society and economy with full disclosure

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