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The Feast Day of Mary Magdalene

The Feast Day of Mary Magdalene
Portal to Ascension invites you to experience the heart, mind and soul of the Magdalene, on her Feast Day, through two of the clearest channels of her love, wisdom and knowledge presently incarnate on the planet.

Join Marianna Leah Hernandez, one of the world's most highly regarded and respected channels of the energy and wisdom of Mary Magdalene and Phil Gruber, acknowledged worldwide for his encyclopedic knowledge of the Circle of Marys and the Magdalene for a magical evening on this, her feast day!

Mary Magdalene, most beloved and trusted disciple of the Christ, to this day, remains a figure of enormous controversy and division, even among devotees of the higher mysteries of Divine Femininity and worship of the Christos Principle.

The Mysteries surrounding Mary Magdalene and The Circle of Marys continue to swirl like a vortex sweeping everything in its path, creating a miasma of myths and half-truths, obscuring something deeper, profound and more far-reaching than most people realize or even suspect.

Marianna and Phil have traveled to Israel and the Middle East numerous times as part of their spiritual and initiatory quests and have participated in numerous international workshops on the sacred role of Mary Magdalene in the world today. The energy of the Magdalene is powerfully healing, particularly for these troubling times. Mary Magdalene has an important message to impart for humanity at this time.

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The Feast Day of Mary Magdalene

Marianna Leah Hernandez

Marianna Leah Hernandez

Phil Gruber

Phil Gruber

Your Presenters

Included Will Be...

  • The Coming of Peter’s Apology
  • What is a Daughter of Zion?
  • What is the Circle of Marys?
  • Mary’s complicated status among Christ Jesus and the disciples.
  • Branches of the Vine: A New Take on the True Genetic Lineage of the Magdalene Line
  • Deeper meaning of what it means to be a Mary.

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