Honovi Strongdeer: Ayahuasca & Aliens

Honovi Strongdeer: Ayahuasca & Aliens

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Wed, November 2

Wed, November 2


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How to Live from Vision & Make ET Contact through Plant Technology

We are living in a time of great transition and change, where people are seeking the truth and alternative paths of Healing. The planetary invitation is to listen deeply with all our Heart to the rhythms and cycles of Mother Earth. There is a deepening process occurring, a changing of the guard spiritually, emotionally, physically, and energetically. This process is calling you forth to align fully with your Galactic Vision for a New Earth.

Ayahuasca has been ingested for thousands of years by various indigenous tribes of the world to navigate Multidimensional Reality and stay in close connection with Mother Earth. These
plants are sentient beings, aware, highly intelligent, alive and full of wisdom. Ayahuasca is a Master teacher plant.

A Gatekeeper to magical worlds, untold beauty, transcendental consciousness and alternate dimensions where we can receive insight, healing and communication with Star beings. It can also be a doorway to the repressed Shadow and the hidden subconscious. Ayahuasca encourages us to alchemise, accept and be present to both the Light and Dark aspects of our Human nature.
Honovi Strongdeer

Honovi Strongdeer

Strongdeer is a New Earth Leader, Shamanic Priestess, Channel for Angelic/Extraterrestrial beings, and International Speaker. She is also a sound healer, singer, musician, dancer and artist. She specializes in taking people to Sacred Sites for ‘Ancient Activations’ on her International Retreats, combining sacred plant medicine, kundalini & meditation (Ayahuasca, psilocybin mushrooms since 2016) for once in a lifetime experiences! She teaches on 'The New Human Blueprints', 'Solar Consciousness' and ‘Kundalini Shamanism'™ - a modality she has channeled, innovated and developed herself, bringing together the Science of Kundalini with Shamanism.

Join Medicine Woman And Extraterrestrial Ambassador Honovi Strongdeer
In The High Andes Of Peru On This Journey Inwards To The Heart
Of The Plant Kingdom Where You Will Learn:

  • How to connect with your Galactic Vision & Soul Mission on Earth
  • Activate, open and stabilize your Heart Centre so that you are living your life from 5D Heart Awareness
  • Practical tools that can help you navigate the Higher Dimensions and connect with your Multidimensional Guides
  • The Secret to self-protection from lower energies
  • How to integrate your experiences with plant medicine & psychedelics so that they become useful, embodied and insightful experiences