Honovi Strongdeer: A Starseed’s Guide to the Galaxy

Honovi Strongdeer

Honovi Strongdeer: A Starseed's Guide to the Galaxy

Saturday, August 25, 2018

12:00PM-2PM PDT


Did you know that there are more Starseeds incarnate on Earth right now than any other time in History? You heard the call for assistance on Earth in these transformational times. You have volunteered to help raise the Consciousness of this planet! Do you find yourself struggling with finding direction, where to take action or how to make a living doing what you love? You hold the answers within your unique Soul Blueprint. It serves as an energetic template for what you came to be, do and express on Earth. This template also holds an expanded view of your Multidimensional self and new ways of perceiving reality. Discover the 7 Steps that will activate and awaken this revolutionary Blueprint so that you can fully step into your mission and role on Earth and create the life of your Dreams.

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A Starseed's Guide to the Galaxy

Honovi Strongdeer

A Starseed's Guide to the Galaxy


Honovi is a New Thought Leader, Ambassador for ET Contact, Artist and Coach. She helps Starseeds get clear on their Soul Blueprint and Purpose for being on Earth at this transformational point in history. Supporting shifts into Multidimensional Awareness, Extraterrestrial Contact and helping to raise the Consciousness of the planet. As a Light Language Channel Honovi’s spoken and artistic transmissions are assisting as a bridge for people to move into Heart Awareness. As a Starseed and Sound Healer, Honovi works one-to-one and with groups to ground the New Earth frequencies. During 2013 she lived in China studying the ancient art of Qi Gong, Energy Healing, and Paranormal ability eventually becoming a certified teacher with the Big Harmonious Family in Wudang and Guilin, China. Presently Honovi lives in the Sacred Valley of Peru where she works with
plant medicine, helping to support others on their Spiritual journey.

Website: www.chaiwiththecosmos.com
Youtube: www.youtube.com/chaiwiththecosmos
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/honovideer/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/honovi_strongdeer

What You Will Learn...

Learn how to tap into your unique 'Starseed Soul Blueprint'
Get crystal clear on why you are here on Earth
Connect with your expanded Multidimensional self and team of Guides
Release any need to hide or play small and be confident in your abilities
Develop and design a plan to get you from where you are to where you desire to be

With unlimited replay access