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John DeSouza: Para-Investigator Qualification Course

John DeSouza: Para-Investigator Qualification Course
John DeSouza, The X-Man will be teaching a six hour course loaded with methods and techniques for any civilian to get to the root of any mystery. He will use basic Investigative Charts used by the FBI and True Investigators for over a hundred years.

Module 1: Read The Room-(1 Hour)
• How to Develop the Basic Investigative skills of a True Investigator
• What questions to ask and more importantly, how to know when you should only be listening.
• Body language tips—The words always lie but the body tells the truth. •
Exuding positive energy so people want to talk to you
• Basic Investigative charts used by the FBI and True Investigators for over a hundred years.
• Stories of Great True Investigators and how they broke down their subjects in order to save many civilian lives…

Module 2: Law Enforcement Fakery and calling it out (1 Hour)
• Build rock solid Knowledge, Skills and Experience of a seasoned Investigator. How to articulate that experience so you can use it to spot poor Law Enforcement.
• Hallmarks of Lazy Law Enforcement—how to spot them and call them out.
• How to do Investigations without having a badge, confidently and effectively.
• The greatest LIE of all—Polygraphs
• The greatest fakery of all—Debunking

Module 3: Recognizing “Experts” and then putting them aside (1 Hour)
• Qualifying “Experts” in Federal Court
• The TRUTH about Scientists and Academics (Phd.s)
• The real value of EVIDENCE, PROOF, TESTIMONY and why “Experts” don’t know any of this.
• How to avoid arguing with Scientists and “Experts”
• How the nature of True Investigation will inspire respect and understanding from people who disagree with your Investigative Conclusions
• How Investigative Standards protect your findings and the integrity of your investigations.

Module 4: Storytelling (1 Hour)
• The importance of stories and narrative in your investigations.
• How True Investigators are storytellers telling the story of their suspects/subject.
• The best standards and practices of True Investigators and how they evolve with time and technology.
• Video breakdowns from the world’s best storytellers, so you can model the greats

Module 5: Ghost Investigations and UFO Investigations (1 Hour)
• The best Standards and Practices for Ghost Investigations
• Best Standards and Practices for UFO Investigations
• You get what you pay for. These are Security Investigations and they have value.
• How most Investigators have lost before they have begun in these cases. Elusive Respectability.
• The most important charts to focus on so you aren’t overwhelmed with trying to manage a Ghost or UFO Investigation.

Module 6: Becoming a Para-Investigator (1 Hour)
• Knowledge, Skills and Experience required to become a Para-Investigator
• Definition and many advantages of being a Para-Investigator rather than just an ordinary Investigator
• How to quickly read anyone and know exactly what triggers will influence them
• The disadvantages of knowing “everything” about people.
• Going from Para-Investigator to Para-Seer.

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John DeSouza: Para-Investigator Qualification Course

About The Speaker

John DeSouza

John DeSouza

JOHN DESOUZA is an FBI Special Agent (RET.) for 25 years and collector of the real life "X-Files." He was also an attorney and maintained a Top Secret security clearance during his time in the U.S. government. Known as the X-man, he collected the true life X-FILES that were used on the highly popular television show: THE X-FILES. Today, he is revealing these stories: ufos, FBI investigations, unexplained mysteries and the paranormal. John DeSouza is today releasing these true stories and changing our understanding of reality as a leading Investigator in the paranormal and in exopolitics.

"Only now can these books be fully comprehended because we have entered the epoch when the new normal is paranormal." He is the Bestselling Author of THE EXTRA-DIMENSIONALS, THE PARA-INVESTIGATORS and THE CLEAR-HEARERS.

Today, John DeSouza is doing presentations such as "UFO PORTALS and CAIS INVESTIGATIONS."

* The shocking truth of a phenomena that has appeared over major cities all over the Earth and how it is being used against us by THE CABAL…..UAPs and UFO Portals.

* See the UFO portals and the CABAL countermeasures used against us to keep us from making contact or even knowing they are knocking at the door. * See how complete corporate media control is over our Global information system to keep us from knowing what is actually happening

* How SPACE FORCE is actually a White Hat Alliance initiative

* Using the CAIS investigative system to uncover CABAL deception How True Investigators see past CABAL deceptions like Partial Disclosure and FAKE disclosure….

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