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Ken Rohla: Radiation, GMOs & Geoengineering Protection

Ken Rohla: Radiation, GMOs & Geoengineering Protection
We are living in an era of germ warfare, geoengineering, and genetic manipulation of not only plants and animals, but also microbes. Publicly these GM microbes are promoted for beneficial use in agriculture, medicine, and other applications, but there are also more sinister military applications, including "non-lethal" biological and chemical weapons. Whatever the application, these GM microbes are toxic and can be very virulent and resistant to anti-pathogenic drugs and natural supplements. These GM "superbugs" are showing up in most people's bodies now and are usually not properly identified as GM organisms or biowarfare agents, nor do most medical doctors know how to identify or treat them.

"Geoengineers" are also now publicly admitting to dumping 10 to 20 million metric tons of barium, aluminum, and strontium powders, sulfuric acid, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide and other pollutants into the atmosphere each year. Some scientists and researchers like former NIH and govt molecular biologist and artificial intelligence scientist Vincent Freeman, The Carnicom Institute, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, and Sofia Smallstorm, are finding biowarfare agents in these aerosols being sprayed, and a connection to diseases like Morgellon's Syndrome.

Come hear Ken Rohla share solutions to these problems and how you can protect yourself, your family, your food and water, and your property. Be prepared to take notes, Kenalways gives out a lot of very specific useful info!

What You Will Learn...
Detox geoengineering pollutants from your body, your food and water, your clothes, your garden and property
Prevent these pollutants from coming down on you in the first place
Heal DNA and other damage from genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
Revert GMO DNA in plants, animals, and microbes back to their original non-GMO heirloom structure
Heal and protect yourself from nuclear fallout and radioactivity

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Ken Rohla: Radiation, GMOs & Geoengineering Protection

About The Speaker

Ken Rohla

Ken Rohla

Ken Rohla is a natural health educator, researcher, and inventor from New Smyrna Beach, Florida. He offers cutting-edge products and education for regaining and optimizing health naturally using ancient wisdom and cutting-edge science. He may be contacted at www.freshandalive.com.

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