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Laura Eisenhower: Divine Intervention - Overcoming Dark Agendas

Laura Eisenhower: Divine Intervention - Overcoming Dark Agendas
In this webinar, Laura will be talking about epigenetics, the power of the human Spirit, mind and creative imagination. She will also link this into medical Astrology, Tarot archetypes, Mayan Calendar and I-Ching.

She will also talk about how the ICC/Nazi/Draco Alliance continually attempt to hi-jack our capacity to be Sovereign and how social engineering agendas impact our health, relationships and what Timeline we are on.

She will share information about Earth Alliance and Ike's force that was put in place during his administration and new information never shared before, that will help us navigate and discern any potential Disclosure false narratives we need to watch out for.

She will discuss the elemental aspects of our Soul , DNA and physiology to inspire our ability to occupy the physical plane from our divinity and higher dimensional awareness and how this brings us closer to our miracle vibration, Sacred Union, Galactic heritage and powerful spiritual abilities.

Laura will also update us on Astrological alignments that are taking place over the next couple of years and remind us that our own higher self, wisdom and ability to connect with our Truth frequency, is the divine intervention we are looking for.

Laura will discuss the Pluto Returns and the Venus connection... As we are reliving historical patterns ~ we are reliving ancient myths

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Laura Eisenhower: Divine Intervention – Overcoming Dark Agendas

About The Speaker

Laura Eisenhower

Laura Eisenhower

Laura Eisenhower is a Global Alchemist, Researcher and Medical and Intuitive Astrologist.. She is an internationally acclaimed speaker who has presented her work world wide. Laura is the great-granddaughter of President Dwight David Eisenhower and she reveals Exopolitical information about his administration, that has been largely held in secrecy. She is considered by many to be one of North Americas leading researchers on: Health, Exopolitics, Alchemy, Metaphysics, and Galactic History. Laura works to free us from the 3-D holographic time-loop, False Archonic systems and Military Industrial Complex and exposes hidden agendas so we can take our power back. Feeling a calling regarding her mission since she was a child, she has gained incredible insight through her wilderness adventures, psychic development and has been connecting major dots about how to guide us into higher Earth energies. She has a deep understanding of Gaia-Sophia and our Divine Blueprint and how they connect to the Venus transits, Earth grids, Global Alchemy, DNA & ET races. Her passion is to inspire unity consciousness and bring us back to the Zero point/Unified field, the totality of our divine powers.

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