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Linda Star Wolf: Force of nature breathwork workshop

Linda Star Wolf: Force of nature breathwork workshop
Linda Star Wolf, creator of Shamanic Breathwork®, will facilitate a powerful altered state shamanic breathing journey with chakra attuned music which will support individuals to access their true innate Elemental Nature, and Inner Shaman.

There is a wise one inside of all of us waiting to be awakened and remembered. The wisdom we are seeking cannot be found in the outer world alone. Once we fully connect to our Shamanic Souls and reconnect to our Elemental Ancestral lineage we remember who we are and what our sacred soul purpose is and the doorway opens naturally to assist our journeys in magical ways.

Star Wolf will give a brief overview about Shamanic Consciousness in everyday life and how to access the Shaman Within and Become a Force of Nature, followed by a Shamanic Breathwork ceremony.

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Linda Star Wolf: Force of nature breathwork workshop

About The Speaker

Linda Star Wolf

Linda Star Wolf

Linda Star Wolf, Ph.D., has been a shamanic visionary teacher and guide to thousands of people over the last four decades. Starting out as a therapist in the mental health and addictions fields in the 1980’s, Star Wolf was a nationally certified alcohol and drug counselor for 30+ years. She draws much of her wisdom from her personal experience of recovery and discovery from addictions.

The author of 13 books, Star Wolf is the creator of Shamanic Breathwork®, the Shamanic Healing Initiatory Process® (S.H.I.P.), the Founder of Venus Rising Association for Transformation (a non-profit organization), and Founding President of Venus Rising University for Shamanic Psychospiritual Studies. Star Wolf is also co-founder of the Shamanic Mystery Tours and guides spiritual seekers to travel as emissaries to sacred shamanic sites worldwide.

Dedicating her life to assisting soul seekers to release dysfunctional patterns and behaviors of all kinds to radically transform their lives, Star Wolf teaches how to embody the shaman within and step into a life of passionate soul purpose. Her commitment to sacred activism and visionary leadership led her to create the Shamanic Ministers Global Network and train Shamanic Breathwork Facilitators around the world.

Star Wolf has a deep connection to shamanic earth wisdom teachings originating from Indigenous elders. Twylah Nitsch, beloved Seneca Wolf Clan Grandmother, gave her the spirit name Star Wolf and adopted her as a Spiritual Granddaughter.

Star Wolf’s lifelong passion and purpose is to support personal transformation to raise planetary consciousness of love and wisdom, one breath at a time.

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